Difference between Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Architects and civil engineers both form an integral part of designing and construction. Both of them have to work in co-ordination for the success of a project. The Architects design dreams and civil engineers ensure that this dream and vision is brought into reality. In fact there are some specific differences and defined responsibilities between the field of civil engineering and architecture which makes them separate entity and distinct from each other.

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Nature of Work

Architecture refers to the practice of designing structures keeping in mind the key aspects of aesthetics and spatial functionality.

Civil engineering refers to structural engineering and specializes basically in the science of designing structures and in the construction process of the specific design of the architect.


The primary focus of architecture is on structural vision and structural mechanics. Special emphasis is also laid on the creativity, feel, visual appeal and functionality of the specific design and project.

Civil Engineering mainly focuses on the methodology and planning of the design taking into account the technical aspects and structural elements of systems to ensure that the facilities will be able to withstand normal as well as extreme loading conditions. It lays great importance to the stability of the structure.


The Architects are concerned about the creativity of designs and include different aspects of designing to enhance the interior and exterior beauty of a space.

On the other hand, Civil Engineering professionals are mainly involved in the process of design and innovation and help to realize the design put forth by the architects.


Architecture aims at considering the practicality of the design and ensures that it is accomplished with the least cost and within the specified time.

Civil Engineering aims at putting forth the best efforts that is required to transform the design into reality.

Sovereign Architects is backed by a team of experienced and qualified civil engineers and the best architects in Pune. The experts are of the opinion that it is very important for both the civil engineers as well as the architects to work in unison as it is detrimental for the success of the project. Architects require the help of the civil engineers to ensure that their designs work effectively. Similarly the outlines and dimensions drafted by the architects will guide the civil engineers accordingly. Both the Architects and civil engineers have their own expertise and strength and a healthy relationship and team work is vital for optimizing the result of the project.

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