What is Liasoning?

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The construction industry in Pune has witnessed a drastic change since the year 2000. Earlier, the promoters in Pune did not appoint Architectural and Structural consultants who could assist them in their construction projects. It was the responsibility of the Project Architect to work as the principal or main architect and also a liasoning architect who would be required to perform all activities like procuring sanctions, obtaining NOCs required for a project and also design all services related to infrastructure. But in recent years the sanctioning authorities have made it compulsory for all architecture firms to appoint a specialized consultant or Liasoning Architect who will be required to provide various services related to infrastructure.

Especially while doing a large project which includes the construction of many buildings, every minute details of the project’s infrastructure planning needs to be taken into account which should be both cost-effective as well as risk-free. Thus, there has been an increase in demand for these specialised consultants or liasoning architects in Pune.

Now, the question that arises is what exactly do you mean by liasoning? In simple terms, Liaoning refers to the cooperation or communication between people or organisations to facilitate a close working relationship. It is very important for the smooth and successful completion of any project. The work of a Liasoning Architect can be broadly classified as for:

Obtaining Sanctions

The Principal architect can only concentrate on the detailed planning of the projects and coordinates with the liasoning architect while executing the projects. He cannot perform the job of obtaining sanctions from the authorities as it is a time-consuming job. Thus, a liasoning architect is appointed who acts as an infrastructural consultant to take care of all aspects related to the securing of various sanctions.

Coordinating and Consultation

He works as a consultant and also coordinates between the principal architect and sanctioning authorities to transform the dream project into a reality.

Liasoning is all about offering solutions which are cost-effective as well time-saving. Time saved is money saved. Sovereign Architects Pune has a team of the best liasoning architects in Pune who have been offering professional and specialized liasoning services for various projects. Their expertise in this field combined with proper coordination has resulted in the smooth functioning and completion of the projects thereby saving time and money.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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