Tips to make your bathroom a Spa

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Bathroom…A place where you find your own time, your own space, where you can take your own time and even at times think of some crucial decisions of your lives!! Sounds a bit weird but this fact holds true for each and everyone of us, especially in our daily hectic life and schedule.

Who does not want a bathroom which would have a soothing and a serene environment…?!! A place that would have a different beauty of its own, a proper balance of light, corners decorated with few flowers, some sweet fragrance and so on.
A spa bathroom lets you pamper yourself with little indulgences of various styles and means. To create your own spa bathroom, just think of relaxing with calming candlelight, soothing scents, and big, fluffy towels. Then add a few personal touches to create your own retreat in the middle of a bustling household. Get the same effect in your own home with personal aromatherapy blends. Add aromatic essential oils to your mineral bath that would act as a treat for the senses. To refresh and revitalize, try scents like tea tree and eucalyptus. You may mix large and small pillars with tea lights; just choose a single scent to keep the aromas from clashing. Specialty candles, like Victorian Trading Company’s Soybean Beauty Candle, melt into a smoothing emollient you can massage into your skin to make it velvety.
You can also decorate the wash basin counter with tiny stuffs like artificial flowers, you may also go for the originals. You may choose fragrant candles or aromas to embellish the counter. If you are a theme lover, you may also decide to create a theme with your favorite objects. For instance paint your bathroom with the colour you like, or choose the corners of your bathroom which you would like to have painted with your favorite colour. You may adopt to have the decoratives in your favorite theme color. Certain other techniques of turning your bathroom into a spa can be jotted as below:

  • Choose bathtubs that are extra-long and deep for a much more relaxing experience.
  • Some of the tubs feature both jets and air bubble systems, but this mostly depends on your choice.
  • For small spaced spas, using narrower Japanese soaking tubs can prove to be a good idea. These will allow you to sit submerged in water up to your neck.
  • Showers for home spas come with more than one showerhead and massaging and cascading fixtures.
  • You can save some space by replacing over-sized tubs with sleek, efficient and specialized showerheads and sprays.
  • Tub decks may be used as a bench for shower stalls.
  • Hot tubs can be installed outdoors. Also, if you are newly married, or a hopeless romantic, you can try the longer and narrower ones. These are meant to accommodate two persons at a time, perfect for romance!
  • Two showerheads with multiple settings such as massaging sensations and set to perfect heights are a boon for couples looking forward to having a romantic shower together.
  • A ceiling-mounted rain dome or body jets that spray you with water from head to toe are some of the most popular choices.

These are hardly few methods which you may follow if you want a spa-styled bathroom. For more assistance and the best architects in Pune you may definitely consult one of the topmost architects in Pune i.e. Sovereign Architects. They deliver awesome services over architecture, interior design etc.
So, now you can have your own spa right within your home and very much with your preferences and fondness. For those who are in love with luxury, this is something they would just adore to have to themselves!!

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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