10 Landscaping tips that Rocks!!!

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Have you ever thought what sensation is brought to your mind whenever you witness serene and beautiful scenery or a landscape….It brings to a sense of calmness, harmony and concord!! Even though for few moments but you are likely to forget your worries, qualms and you tend to stop thinking about all your instabilities instantly.

Hence, when it is about architecting a landscape, one has to carry out the entire project quite tactfully with sheer creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness to give it a mesmerizing and breath-taking look. But what exactly is a Landscape Architecture…??!! Landscape architecture combines art and science. It is the profession that designs, plans and manages our land. Landscape architects plan and design traditional places such as parks, residential developments, campuses, gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, resorts, transportation corridors, corporate and institutional centers and waterfront developments.

It is definitely not a cake-walk and involves a lot of carefulness and edgy errands. Not many architects in Pune are capable of carrying this out flawlessly. Only a few absolutely professionalized architects undertake such projects with utter earnestness and dexterity.

Let’s quickly discuss a handful of rocking tips for architecting an attractive landscape:

  1. When incorporating a rock waterfall into your landscape design, keep a few things in mind. Imitate nature with interesting twists and turns in your water feature. Also take a cue from natural streams and incorporate a variety of boulder sizes.
  2. There are hundreds of different types of stone in America and as many types of building materials. The most commonly found boulders for landscaping come from water courses which makes them rounded, grey and offer little detailed interest.
  3. Rocks are incredibly heavy.  Obviously a local source will be far less expensive compared to long distance hauling which makes this low cost product exorbitant to buy.
  4. For sloped property a rock garden is a perfect solution. The rocks prevent erosion and provide an anchor for the plants. Make sure you actually “plant” your rock to keep it stabilized.
  5. When designing a rock garden randomly mix large and small stones together, filling gaps in with mulch and plants. Stick with one type of rock for a naturalistic bed.
  6. When building a new house on a formerly empty lot, it is wise to move the backyard rock and boulders onto the site before the work on the building begins. This ensures large trucks can deliver the stockpile without risking damage to the ongoing construction.
  7. Gravel rocks, boulders and slate tiles work together in this Japanese-inspired design. Be sure to incorporate larger boulders to frame the landscape to use as additional seating for entertaining. Select boulders with a flat ‘top” for comfortable lounging.
  8. Plants grow at the edges of boulders for protection from the elements and to access moisture sequestered beneath the stone in dry seasons.
  9. Low vertical stones are wider than they are tall. They are similar to tall vertical but they are much wider relative to the height. These are massive stones often used as a companion for tall vertical stones.
  10. Reclining boulders resemble the shape of a reclining animal with the head on one end higher and narrower than the hips on the opposite end.

So, now you know some of the ways which can ensure a stunning touch to your landscape. To avail more, you may undoubtedly consult Sovereign Architects who are by far one of the best Landscape Architects in Pune. They definitely excel in converting your dreams into reality through their ultimate passion of outperforming in whatever they do!!

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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