Top 8 Skyscrapers in India

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Heights or summits thrill anyone and everyone. Whether you are standing at the base of a tall building or you are on the topmost floor of that building, it creates a different excitement in your mind, body, and soul.

skyscrapers in india

When it comes to giant skyscrapers in India, there are expert architects who are making it happen. Here is a list of few:

1. The India Tower: 126 story building with 700-meter height will be the super tall skyscraper of the country. Construction of the tallest tower of India is already beginning in the Economic capital of India, Mumbai. India tower is not just one of India’s tallest buildings but is one of the world’s most enormous superstructures. Other super tallest buildings in Mumbai are World One-442m, Oasis tower 1-337m, Orchid Crown Tower 1,2,3-337m, and Palais Royale 320 meters.

2. Supernova – Noida: The supernova with a height of 300m and 80 floors residential building will be the tallest buildings in North India. The Elite class township of Super tech Group, Super tech Supernova, is located in sector 94 at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The tallest tower in Supernova is Spira, which is not just one of India’s tallest buildings but is one of the world’s most enormous superstructures. Celeste tower 1 and Celeste tower 2 are other projects with super tall height in Noida.

3. Raheja Revatna – Gurgaon: Raheja Revatna is 196 meters tall and 56-floor residential building project launched by Raheja Developers at sector 78 Gurgaon Haryana. Revanta by Raheja will be one of the tallest skyscrapers in India.

4. Urbana – Kolkata: Urbana The tallest residential of Kolkata will be the most towering residential complex ever built in Kolkata and entire Eastern India. The under-construction residential 46 story towers will rise to a height of 167.7 meters, and It will be much higher than South City, the current tallest buildings in Kolkata. The Atmosphere will be another tallest building in Kolkata.

5. BurjAlHind – Calicut: The tallest skyscraper residential apartments of Kerala will be the tallest building of the state. Burj Alhind is a 40 story residential tower will rise to a height of 140 meters in the Kozhikode Calicut.

6. Edina – Chennai: The Edina or Hiranandani Upscale Egattur will be tallest buildings in Chennai; it will hold a good rank of skyscrapers in India. Chennai is getting more high-rise buildings followed by Bayview, another tallest under construction structure in Chennai.

7. Sky View Tower – Hyderabad: The under-construction sky view tower in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh will be the tallest structure in the state followed by Lodha Bellezza. The 135 meters 31 story residential building will offer breathtaking views of the city of Nizams Hyderabad.

8. MantriPinnacle – Bangalore: Mantri developers have launched a new residential project Mantri Pinnacle at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The Residential apartment building with a height of 153 meters and 46 floors will be the tallest residential tower in South India.

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