Fascinating Outdoor Dining Ideas for this summer

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Dining at outdoors under bright blue skies and pleasant days of summer is a mesmerizing experience and a perfect way to relax. Dine, lounge, or talk at your backyard by the pool side, in the patio or even at your terrace surrounded with terrace garden. Sounds interesting? Welcome to Alfresco dining concept. This is about entertainment and party with friends, family gatherings, quiet romantic dinner beside a scenic view or simply breaking the typical day-to-day routines. Even with stringent conditions like short space, tight budget, and no garden, sovereign architects, the best landscape architects in pune can create wonders with outdoor dining ideas.

Select your place

Outdoor dining set up can be done on your garden, on the porch and patio or on the terrace. The concept planning depends upon the need, available space and the resources. For instance, if the kitchen is far away, a barbeque bench is placed near the dining place, or conversely, the dining place on a porch is created near the kitchen for ease of cooking and serving.

Personalized concepts

Repetition of designs usually does not work as needs, sizes, houses, ideas and expectations differ for each and every project. Involvement of client in the whole concept facilitates easy execution of an idea. Of the available small open space, a client may have two needs to satisfy – one for dining and another, say a play area for kids. Similarly, an avid reader, would like to chill out in a hammock or sofa placed near the garden dining area. The designers should be able to create space for both the needs without compromising on each other.

Greenhouse or glass roofed rooms are easily made by multi-use extensions of kitchen area to be used as dining rooms. These are decorated with suitable shrubs and potted plants to create a soothing environment with natural light.


With modern technology, several types of shelters are available that provide protection against any weather. Retractable roofs, umbrella tents, modular sun shelters, gazebos, and pergolas are excellent options that are available for clients to select according to their taste and need.

Area of setup

It would be better if the outdoor dining areas are located nearby kitchen door for easy accessibility. Also, if the garden dining area is located at the periphery, it makes sense to raise the boundary wall for privacy.


Usually the outdoor dining setup materials are selected such that it sustains all weather conditions. They would not only resist the harsh summer but also have the capability of surviving in winter or monsoon. Nowadays, eco friendly elegant structures with aesthetic look that match with preferred ambience are easily available.

Small garden setup

A garden themed outdoor dining unit beneath a large tree is always a plus point when natural shades and breezes are preferred. But what can be done for patio or terrace dining areas? Placing small seasonal plants and shrubs that bear scented flowers near the dining table is a good option. The fragrance adds freshness to the environment and brings warmth to the ambience.

Lanterns and candles

Who in the world do not like lanterns and lights? It brings festive mood every time you dine out under lights. Candles lit on the table create a romantic ambience. If your alfresco dining set up is under the tree, hang retractable lanterns, bird cages and colorful paper lanterns to add to the beauty of the place.

Night outdoor dining

Night outdoor dining is such a wonderful thing to do with your family or with your friends during the weekend. With moon and stars shining, mild outdoor lights on the top, and elegantly laid out dining table, the effect is mesmerizing. Provision of a fire pit, barbeque and side benches, bar tending tables nearby the dining area provides extra comfort.

Simple and elegant

Dining outdoor need not be an elaborate and luxurious. Cushions on the bench and a foldable table will make outdoor dining experience a blissful one. Just a small coffee table for your daily cup of coffee or tea with your family will create magic. Few flowers preferably from your own garden on the table cloth or table runner will complete the look.

Play with colors

Selection of plates, other crockery, and table cloth should be made such that it blends with the nature or the surroundings. Investment in some attractive and good quality crockery and changing it according to the season or occasion produces good effect. Color themes like black and white, blue and white, and some vibrant colors like red will work excellently for dining concepts. Aesthetically colored drink dispenser, beverage dispenser, ice bucket gives an extra edge to the whole look.

A small cabinet by your side

If the outdoor dining area is a suitably covered permanent fixture, and if there is space, it is a good idea to place a small cabinet to store dining items and a beverage station to serve family or guests.

We have just shared our basic ideas. Sky is the limit for our creativity. For more ideas you can contact our designers at sovereign architects, the landscape architects in Pune.

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