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An Architect’s job, as we all know, involves planning, designing, and constructing buildings. But this is a regular job that any architect who has a qualification will be able pull it off. Is this enough? Absolutely not. You need a good or rather an outstanding architect with skill and experience by his side for project execution. Whether it is a residential or a commercial building, an architect’s work can transform the cityscape or help transform your dream into reality. So, we can imagine how important they are going to be throughout the project. Sovereign architects, the best architects in Pune help you to analyze salient factors before considering a good architect in Pune for your projects.


  • Consider recommendations from your friends, relatives, or neighbor. They will be able to tell you about the exact experience they had with the project and also with the architect.

  • You can also find an architect with the help of internet. Do a research on the web and visit the architect’s website to get an idea about their projects.

  • You can also visit the architect’s current project site and observe his works to take a decision.

  • If possible you can also visit the completed projects. This is the reflection of their work. So decision making would be quite simpler.

  • Check the qualifications of architects. Some with misleading titles they may appear professional but in reality they may not.

We personally feel a good architect should possess certain qualities and we guide you through those important qualities you have to consider before selecting a good architect in Pune.


  • Before finalizing, meet and consult several architects. Meet them personally and discuss about your need and requirements.

  • Analyze whether they are able to understand perfectly about your need. The need may be remodeling of existing structure, constructing new building or developing a new township. This listening skill is very important to deliver the end result according to the client’s need.

  • In this process you will be able to shortlist the best one by seeing their various portfolios. Each architect has different style of working. After giving due considerations for their working style and designs, choose the one whom you are comfortable with.


  • At this stage, discuss with the architect about the work to be done. An architect will be able to provide you a rough budget that you may need to spend for your plan.

  • An efficient architect will always be transparent in telling you the expected costs and any extra amount to be allocated if necessary.

  • This is the stage where you have to discuss about their fees they charge. Every architect charge in a different way and see whether their method of charging is suitable for you. By whatever method they charge, you have to consider whether the fees are reasonable or worth paying depending upon the nature of the project and the service they provide. Consider an architect who will give you a complete satisfactory result for the fees you pay to them.

When we discuss here about money, see to it whether your architect is able to manage the financial aspects efficiently without dragging you unnecessarily in financial burden.


A good architect will start having a personal relationship with the project that they have undertaken. They should be able to involve themselves completely throughout the project.

Though professionalism and experience in the field is taken into consideration for a good architect, you have to see whether they have love and passion for what they do. If these two aspects are lacking in them, then the involvement will be definitely less which in turn may affect the end result.


Creativity not only involves a good design but also how efficiently and effectively things are utilized. An architect should be able to utilize the space properly. He should able to understand the clients need completely and bring out the result according to or even beyond the expectations. This can be easily achieved only by an architect who is proactive and creative.

Creativity also reflects in their aesthetic sense of designing, and how they adapt to modern trends and technologies in the enhancement of the structures.


Completed work on time is the testimony for a team work. A well coordinated and proficiency of the team always reflects in any project the architects have undertaken. Supervision of the teams work and prompt decision making capabilities according to the situation, are other qualities of a good architect.


Your architect should keep in mind about the safety of the structures and also it has to be optimized for human use.


An architect who has taken the responsibility should be able to clear the designs and plans they have made from respective authorities for the project. They should see to it that all rules and regulations are followed according to law and abide by it.

A good architect’s job actually continues from the commencement of the project till the completion. Efficient planning, supervising the work progress, managing the costs effectively, and completing the project on time with client satisfaction are additional qualities of a good architect. Our client friendly attitude at SOVEREIGN ARCHITECTS, Pune helps us to reach beyond expectations. Above all, quality of work and client satisfaction is our motivational factor before venturing into any new project.

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