3 steps to follow when choosing an Architect Firm

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An architect firm plays a vital role in constructing buildings ranging from houses to shopping mall. The building we have dreamt of would be slowly taking into shape because of architects. So, it is utmost necessary to choose the right architect firm who is capable of turning the structures into a marvelous building. Sovereign architects, one of the leading architectural firms in Pune shares their tips on how to choose a good architect firm

  1. Do your research

The first important thing before visiting an architect firm is to be clear with the needs and goals of the building. With the help of internet, visit various architects’ websites to know about their clientele and works. Going through the profiles of the architect firm will make your job easy to finalize an architect firm.

You would have already thought of an idea about your building. The idea could be a style or any design. Meet the architect firm and discuss the ideas with them. Analyze whether they will be able to transform your ideas and give them a shape. Any good architectural firm with ample experience would be able to understand the client’s ideas precisely.

  1. Discuss with the architects

Have a personal discussion with them. Ask as many questions as you want. A good architect firm will always be transparent in disclosing correct facts. During the discussion sessions, interaction between both the sides is very essential. Even an architect should be able to clear all the doubts of their prospective clients to take the project ahead. This stage can be utilized for discussing the cost, time limit and about their approach in designing, about their team and team work, their methodology of work, their management methods, and the fees they charge.

Just review these things

  • Whether they were able to answer the queries?

  • Whether they were interactive?

  • Will the firm be able to take up the project and complete it on time?

  • Within the stipulated budget can they complete the task?

  • Do you find the firm be responsible and involved in the project?

  • Do you find their team efficient and have aesthetic sense of designing?

  • Do they have many projects in hand? If so, will they be able to give utmost care to my project as well?

By this time you should be in a position to review the firm after giving due considerations with regard to the conversations you had with them.

  1. Visit the projects

Ask them whether they will be able to show their completed projects or current projects. Though everything in paper looks rosy, the real building stands as an acknowledgment for their work. Visit the sites of current project to analyze their working method. If possible pay a visit to completed projects to have a look at their designs, how efficiently they have utilized the spaces, the materials used and observe everything to take a decision. If opportunity permits, discuss with the owners about their relationship with the firm and how satisfied they were with architect firm.

The above important three steps will help you to be well prepared in choosing a firm with confidence. Your dream can be turned into reality if and only if you are satisfied and trust your architecture. That is why, all the projects taken up by Sovereign Architects were grand success as we believe the client’s satisfaction and trust as the biggest asset.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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