How to choose a best architect for your project

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From constructing a dream home to commercial complex, shopping malls to residential townships, an architect’s involvement for your project is inevitable. While a best architect is bound to deliver splendid results, a wrong choice can be disastrous to a project. If an architect is assigned a project without proper research, the client will not only lose money but also peace of mind. To achieve the desired and satisfactory end result of a project, it is imperative to choose the best architect. Sovereign architects, the best town planning architects in Pune shares some tips to choose a right architect for your project.

Check qualification

First and foremost, choose a professionally qualified architect. Beware of few people, who with misleading titles and inadequate qualification, work like a professional architect. Professional degree helps in implementing expert knowledge in the projects they handle.


Have a meeting with two or more architects and select the one whom you find the best. At this stage, the client should ask as many doubts or questions as possible to the architects. A good architect should be able to answer the client’s queries clearly and honestly by paying complete attention. An architect’s communication skill, listening skill, understanding the client’s vision of the project, knowledge about intricacies of the project should be analyzed before short listing.


A proper research on the probable architect for the project should be carried out through various means. Internet is one of the best sources to check. A visit to their website will throw light on basic information of their clients and details of the projects undertaken. This information will enable to get an idea about the architect and their stand in the market. A recommendation through word of mouth is another option. One can discuss with their colleagues or friends for suggestions. For instance, you can ask for suggestions from another builder or if you are awestruck by a design, discuss with the owner about their architect. Visiting their completed project or current project gives you a clear idea about the capability of the architect. This is the stage where you can easily assess the team work of the firm, as any good work is the reflection of proper coordination of the team. With a proper team work and efficiency, completion of any project on time is possible.

Financial matters

Any project involves investment of money. An architect should be transparent in estimating the cost of the project. This is the stage one should discuss about the fees the architects charge. Architects may charge either on hourly basis or for the whole project. Whatever the case is, the fees they charge should be justified with the quality they deliver. Exorbitant fees without any output may burden the clients financially and may lead to biggest bottleneck of any project. So, being clear in financial matters will avoid any future dispute.

Relationship between client and an architect

A very important factor to be considered before assigning the job is vibe between the both. There should not be lots of difference of opinion or argument between them. There should be greater level of understanding and trust between the client and the architect to initiate and complete the project in time. Any sort of misunderstanding between the client and architecture leads to unnecessary arguments, disputes, and grievances which are bound to delay the project and affect the end result. So a cordial relationship is very important for the success of the project.


Field experience is one of the main criteria to be considered for any project, be it commercial building, a bungalow, or even town planning. Their planning, designing, and optimum utilization of resources will be reflected only by the experience.

Legal formalities work

Many legal formalities are involved before, during and after the project. An architect should be able to carry out all legal formalities and steer away the road blocks. Getting clearance of the project and its design is important to avoid any future legal problem. An architect should be able to coordinate with various government agencies and departments to obtain sanctions for the project. Obtaining all approval and meticulously following legalities helps to execute the project in time.

All the above mentioned qualities can be found in sovereign architects and they are one of the best town planning architects in Pune. They can complete any type of town planning projects on time by following latest trends and technologies and by using contemporary and modern designing concepts in their design with optimum utilization of space in the era of urbanization. They plan township without compromising on amenities like schools, shopping malls, swimming pool, gym, and other recreational facilities.

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