Selecting the right architect for your house

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So, you are ready to take that big step of constructing a new house or remodel your old house. This is the right stage to seek the help of a professional architect for materializing the dream. It is not advisable to arbitrarily select an architect and assign the project. It is important to consider various aspects before selecting an architect for your house. Sovereign architects, considered as one of the best architects in India, suggest some tips before selecting an architect.

  • With the help of your own research or friend’s recommendations, an architect may be chosen. The individual preference of design, style, or method of work differs for each person. Hence it is important to analyze whether the recommended or the one chosen as architect matches with your preference.

  • To clear the above doubt, it is advisable to visit the architect’s office and have a discussion across the table. The person who wishes to construct a new house or remodel an old structure will definitely have an idea about their house and the amenities. An expert architect who has wide experience in this field will be able to understand the client’s vision. Once the client’s preference is known, an architect’s job is to provide all possible suggestions to improve the functionality of the project.

  • A good architect’s design should not only be aesthetic but also should be functional. Adapting the latest trends and technologies in architecture and implementing the same in their designs and construction yields customer satisfaction.

  • An experienced architect should be always preferred than a novice. As experience is considered as learning platform, an established architect’s ideas and designs are usually new and fresh. So each project will stand out unique from previous one.

  • Design theme of a house may be modern, contemporary or of any particular style according to the client’s choice. But the end result should be aesthetic, elegant, and most importantly, the structure should be safe. Of late, there is huge demand for green, energy efficient buildings and technology oriented buildings. An architect should be able to construct these kinds of buildings to meet the customers demand.

  • Architecture does not stop with concrete structures. Landscape architecture plays an important role in designing a house. Designing the outdoors with gardens, artificial waterfalls, manicured lawns, artificial ponds, pools, stone pathway with attractive lightings comes under landscape designing. The architect should be good in landscape architecture and should be able to create peaceful and harmonious outdoor ambience.

  • The prospective client should also consider the fact whether the architects can also do interior designing for their home. Most of the professional architects are experienced in interior designing too. From floor to attic, a designer should be able to utilize the space efficiently and at the same time the aesthetic sense should not be compromised. All color patterns, furniture, the materials, carpets and rugs, and fabrics used for designing, should please the eyes and be of latest trend.

  • A good architect should be able to communicate well with the clients. Communicating at all levels of the project is important. If the architect plans to make any change in design, he should immediately communicate the same to client and justify it. In a nutshell, the architect should make the client aware of even minute changes.

  • Financial dealings and estimation for the project should be clearly defined. An architect should be capable of completing the project with the estimated budget other than any unavoidable circumstances. Efficient management of funds and effective designing within the estimated funds is an important skill for an architect.

The above are few tips to select a right architect. Experienced and professional architects like sovereign architects, the best landscape architects in Pune are dedicated to satisfy the requirements of clients to build their dream home with all amenities and decor. With many satisfied clients we are even more encouraged to serve better.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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