4 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Architect

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Are you ready to convert your dream abode into reality? If yes, then you may also need an architect to convert your dream. Not only for your house but architects also play a vital role in building commercial complexes and Town Planning. Town planning in Pune is important to cater the needs of various categories of people from investors to buyers. There are number of architects available in the field. The obvious question arises how to select a right architect. There are different types of architects who follow unique methodologies and working style. Experience and quality of work differs from one architect to other. The client’s need should suit with the architects design, method of work and budget. Sovereign Architects, one of the best architects in Pune provides 4 simple tips to choose the right architect.


An important aspect in selecting an architect is not to arbitrarily meet any architect just like entering a shop to buy clothes. We suggest you to make a list of some architects by asking your neighbors, friends, companies for whom an architect has designed a house or other. Narrow it down to two or three. Visit their firms, meet the architect, discuss with them about your project. During this time a lot of communication happens between the client and architect. A client can easily assess which architect was able to understand his/her ideas and can also judge whether a particular architect can efficiently translate the ideas into reality. Research can also be done through visiting their websites to check about the projects the architect has completed or undertaken. One can also visit completed projects to have an idea about their style and work. They can also enquire the owners about how satisfied were they with the architect’s work, about their team, cooperation with the client and also about the timely completion of the project. The client should also research about the architect’s credentials to assess their knowledge and training in the field. Referrals from friends, companies and neighbors also matters. When someone refers about an architect it is assumed that they are satisfied with their work and would like to recommend for the same reason. But it is also important that the recommended architect to be compatible with your ideas. So meeting them in person and interviewing them with all your queries will help in choosing a right architect.


Experience of an architect in the field is an acknowledgment of satisfied clients. An experienced architect can complete the project on given time as they are well-versed with all the formalities to be done before, during and after completion of project. This helps in saving a lot of time. Experienced architects always communicate with the clients properly at different stages of the project to avoid complexity in future. Designing ability, deciding on materials to be used, coordinating with contractors, documentation of legal procedures without any hurdle, and giving an aesthetic end result are some of the added advantages of hiring an experienced architect.

Adopting latest technologies

Technologies tend to change day by day. A professional architect should follow these technologies like 3D design to show exactly how the designed house will look like. This will enable the clients to easily get an idea about their house and a decision can be taken easily. Also, the building design should strictly adhere to the relevant codes and with special emphasize on the safety of structure and lifestyle of the members of the house. An architect should also think about the environment and should be able to provide energy efficient building and equipments. While designing your home, office, commercial complexes or town planning it is not only about buildings but also about the outdoors. The buildings’ outdoors are the first impression and invariably should be attractive. The outdoor designs that involve landscape architectures such as stone pathways, artificial ponds, waterfalls, fountains, beautiful gardens add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the whole structure.

Cost effective

An architect should be able to increase the value of the asset with their work. There should be transparency while discussing with the client about the cost that will be incurred for the project. Their fees and the methodology of payment should also be discussed to avoid future dispute. The architect should not give wrong hopes to the client. They have to be very clear about how much the client need to spend and also if they need to allocate any contingency fund to tackle emergency situations.

The above illustrated four tips are bound to assist you in choosing the right architect for your dream project. Right selection of architect is the first step towards converting your dream into reality. Sovereign Architects, one of the leading landscape architects in Pune, is the right choice for efficiently carrying out your dream projects and ensuring your satisfaction.

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