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We know architecture is both art and science that involves building structures. During this process, sometimes the natural resources are destroyed and cause a threat to environment. To avoid this and as a part of social responsibility, the architects must adapt green architecture. Striking a balance between physical structures and natural resources is green architecture. Sovereign architects, considered as one of the leading architects in Pune, always strive to preserve the natural environment and follow green architecture in their designing. While adapting these techniques, not only the earth’s natural resources are preserved but also the overall health of the people living in the vicinity is taken care of. Alternative energy resource, energy conservation and renewable resources are the basic principles of green architecture. Sovereign architects, renowned for the designs of Town planning, Pune enumerates few ideas of green architect.

Benefits of green architecture

Resources like electric energy and water should be efficiently utilized and conserved. This approach of architecture improves the quality of environment we live in. While the traditional construction methods lacked this aspect, green architecture minimises the negative impact. Ample utilization of daylight, solar panels and a proper ventilation system helps in energy efficiency.

The building materials that are used in construction also affects environment. Recycled goods, renewable resources, locally manufactured materials, energy efficient lighting, materials with insulation properties like hollow bricks, AAC blocks, ceiling with insulation, light sensors, environment friendly Lead free and non-toxic paints can be used to protect the environment and also to improve the health of the people.

Measures should be taken to utilize the water resources efficiently. Treatment plant can be installed for treating waste water which in turn can be utilised for landscapes. The other popular water management techniques include rainwater harvesting, selection of efficient fixtures for water supply, and low flush toilets.

The operating cost is saved because of optimum utilization of natural resources and conservation of energy. More importantly, the carbon foot print, a major environment threat, is reduced by utilizing renewable resources, recycling and re-using the materials.

While building a new house, remodelling or constructing commercial buildings, or Town planning, one can be a part in saving environment by adapting green building. The green architects who are expert in this field, will gladly assist you in your effort.

It is important to do some research on the architect before assigning the project. The architect’s experience in this field is very important as there are many factors involved in constructing energy efficient structures. One can visit the architect’s office to discuss about their earlier projects and the measures they have taken to minimise the damage to environment, the materials and techniques they use to minimise pollution, methods they adapt to save electrical energy and other resources. One can also analyse how effectively the architects have followed these techniques in their offices.

For constructing green buildings, it is necessary for the liasoning architect to obtain proper permissions from respected authorities and to abide by rules and regulations. It is also expected from a professional green architect to conduct supervision at each and every stage to check whether the project is taking its shape according to the plans.

Sovereign Architects, the leading liasoning architect in Pune, believes that by adopting green architecture, not only the cost of operation is minimized, but also higher quality of life with better health and environment can be achieved.

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