How to tie a room together with color

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Colors are the main factor that makes an everlasting impression in any house. Selecting colors for each room that perfectly blends with the mood is an art. While continuous flow can be created by selecting right color patterns, monochrome, analogous or contrast colors are some other popular options. It is just not about painting the wall with colors but it is about coordinating it with furniture, accessories, curtains and cushions so that a pleasing look is achieved. Sovereign architects, the leading interior designer in Pune, share few tips on how to tie a room with colors.

A group of colors can be selected to paint the rooms. As it is wise move to select a color according to the floor plan, the inter connections between rooms and open floor spaces should be checked out and accordingly the identity of the rooms can be maintained. Same hue can be used throughout the space for continuous flow or few unique bright colors can act as a connecting factor of each room.

If different colors are used in each and every room, a wise choice would be to use the colors that are present in curtains, cushions, or furniture of the adjoining room. This is one of the effective ways to achieve smooth flow. For instance, if yellow paint has been chosen for bed room then the window treatments can be yellow in adjoining living room. So when you pass on from one room to other, coordinated color work provides good blending effects.

Selecting accessories and decors that match the paint is an added advantage for achieving the tied up look. Make sure to avoid monotonous look and the accessories necessarily need not be the same color. There may be variations in the hues but finally a united look should be achieved. To paint walls, clues can also be taken from rugs. A color from bright shaded rug can very well adore as the color of the wall or an art work that matches the colors of the room can also accentuate the place.

It is definitely a good idea to select colors in rooms based on the reflection of light. Even with the same color in the adjacent room, the effect would differ without affecting the coordination.

Accent walls are great way to unite room with colors. The color of the accent wall can be that of from any other room or it can be same as that of the curtain of other room. This creates a continuous flow from one room to another.

Colors are usually selected either as per the personal preference or to give an identity of that room. In other words, wall colors of a particular room may also depend on the functionality. But tying up with colors is what makes it special. It would definitely make you as a proud owner and for guests, a pleasing appeal is naturally achieved.

Perfect coordination of colors is always pleasing and a mood enhancer. Sovereign architects, with their vast experience in this field, have rendered united look color patterns in their various projects by selecting perfect colors that suits with the surrounding items such as the drapes, furniture, and even small collectibles placed at right place.

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