The Best Plants for Office Space

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Office spaces are not only for cubicles, chairs, and desks. A beautiful environment close to nature can be created inside the office with the help of some indoor plants. Plants not only brighten up the place but also create a positive atmosphere. Along with quality of air and oxygen, the work quality also increases due to green surroundings. Plants keep the air clean by removing toxins from paints, carpets and other materials in office and also help in reducing humidity. Sovereign architects, the renowned firm for office architecture Pune, shares some best suitable plants for office.

With regard to the light and air, the environment in office is different from that of house. Hence it should be noted that house plants may not be suitable in office premises. Plants are selected depending upon the space of the office and also on the location in the office premises. For instance, small plants can be kept on the table in cubicle and plants in pot can be kept in open spaces inside the office to provide an eye pleasing environment.

Lemon balm

This plant is a great mood enhancer and can survive in any conditions. Sunlight or shade is not an issue for this plant. The fragrance of the plant lifts the mood of the place.
Dracaena deremensis Janet Craig
Direct sunlight is not good for this plant. So, office environment is a good place to survive as it can tolerate medium and low light conditions.

Peace lily

The leaves are attractive with white flowers. This plant has the special capability of removing volatile organic compounds. It is very much suitable for office, as all it needs is indirect sunlight, little water and very less maintenance.

Spider plants

Spider plants look very attractive with its green and white stripes. When kept in pots, it renders great look in both positions – resting on floor or hanging from ceiling.

Snake plant

Snake plant is a common plant that can be seen in offices as it survives in all environments and pleases eyes.


The heart shaped leaves gives pothos plant a beautiful look. It is very famous for its low maintenance characteristic. Also it grows quickly, survives even in low lights, and helps to keep air pollutant free.

Cactus plants

These are thorny plants and hence should be carefully placed. These plants are very much suitable for office spaces, as they are attractive, require very less maintenance, and have the ability to survive for long time.

Rubber plants

Although rubber plants demand regular watering, they are good option to keep the air clean. Though direct sunlight is not advisable, it can be kept in a well lit place.


If day light is possible in office, succulents are the best bet. The plants look very beautiful and watering is required only once a week.


The leafy plant is known for its quality control benefit. It removes volatile organic compound from air and keeps air clean. Watering is required for two to three times a week and can be kept in a floor rested, or hanging pot.
There are numerous other unique plants such as aquatic plants and air plants. Plants definitely create a nature friendly office space. No second thoughts on that. As a matter of fact, several studies show that productivity of employees is also increased when plants are around. Grow plants in office spare to freshen up the environment and increase the productivity.

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