How to Set a Decorating Budget

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Decorating a new or old home is not only a fun packed activity, but it also provides a fresh look for the home and makes your dream come true. But a question that always encircles the mind is how much will it cost to decorate the home? In a true sense, there is no limit for decorating. So to restrict the expenditure, the first step should be to allocate budget and then to follow it up with the decoration plans within the estimated money and explore the avenues to save through various wise methods. Sovereign architects, Pune explains how money can wisely be allocated while decorating your home.

It is a prudent decision to spend money only on important aspects and save money by not decorating things that are not worth much. Having said that, it is worth spending on few avenues as scrimping the cost will not give the desirable result.

Firstly, it is important to list which areas need to be decorated and what are the items required for it. At this juncture, don’t think of cost and don’t miss out anything. For instance, just list out the things like sofa set, side table, pillows, curtains, coffee table, dining table, lightings, paintings, art work and other accessories that are required for a living room. Likewise, prepare an item wise list for each room. This simple exercise gives a fair idea of the maximum amount that needs to be invested.

With the list in the hand, categorize the items that are worth its expense, and also make a note of things that can be skipped and where the cost can be reduced. To successfully carryout this stage, research through internet or visit various shops and get quotes. This step will greatly help in estimation.
Now it is time for wise allocation of funds. As said earlier, it is not desirable to scrimp in few areas like window treatments, flooring, sofas, tables, labor and mattress. It is important to note that when you scrimp on these things, the quality is bound to get affected and the results will not be as expected. Also it is advisable to allocate extra funds in case of unexpected expenses that may arise during the course of decorating.

But the good news is, there are areas where you can cut down costs or even juggle the cost between two things and can still achieve a desired look. As a fine example of optimal use of funds, you can remodel or repaint old furniture and spend the saved money on floorings. Likewise, you can also swap the cost by spending less amount in upholsteries and enhanced amount on tables. It has to be noted that spending less in no means indicate the compromise in quality; by varying designs and materials, the desired quality can be easily achieved at a less price. Thrift shops, vintage items, used wooden furniture possess huge saving ideas, as they can be utilized by remodeling, repainting or restoring and render excellent and glamorous look.

Do not give way to impulse buys. Impulse buys definitely increase the budget allocation. Hence, even if you are attracted by its look and worthiness, never and ever buy an accessory that is not necessary now.
Professional interior designers have rich experience in feasible designing and thorough knowledge of where to acquire quality materials at affordable costs. So, when the job of decoration is assigned to them, lot of money can be saved. Sovereign architects, one of the best architects in Pune, always strive to achieve best interior designing at affordable budget.

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