Top 2016 Design Trends You Need to Know

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As it is already one month through the New Year, every architect’s mind is racing at lightning speed to address the most important issue – What’s in store as design for this year that can be a trend setter. Well, it should be understood that trends are not developed overnight. They evolve slowly and as a matter of fact, they can sustain for even decades. Having said that, few design trends have slowly emerged as front runners and are likely to dominate the space in 2016. Sovereign architects, one of the trend setting architects in Pune share few enchanting design trends of 2016 that are poised to create a wow factor.

Open ideas: Architects are slowly shedding the ideas of confining the various areas of house with walls and doors and moving towards the open area ideas. As they provide a visual idea of large space without any obstructing interiors, these open room concepts have started catching the eye balls. This fabulous idea also makes the room size flexible and feasible for multipurpose activities.

In and Out: No doubt outdoor space is nothing but a luxury in a space crunched layout. But even a small outdoor area can be made bigger by seamless integration with the indoors. The barrier between the indoor and outdoor area is blurred and blend together. Right from open air kitchen to recliners, everything can be arranged in the outdoor space to provide an aesthetic ambience.

See the world: With open area concepts dominating, what can render a better way to see the outside world other than large size glass paned windows and doors. Yes, we are talking about the transparent windows and doors that span from floor to ceiling. This not only presents the options for high energy conservation as it permeates natural light to seep in, but also connects both indoor and outdoor through a safe barrier.

Healthy ideas:    Along with energy conservation, the other trend that is fast catching up is healthy environment through application of non-volatile organic compound paints. With senior citizens and kids occupying the house, there can’t be second opinion for using healthier options.

Smart homes:    No body wants to get left behind the technology advancements. In fact, energy saving wonders can be created by smartly utilizing the technology. With a click of button, it is now possible to automate the lighting, heating or cooling of rooms, sprinkling the garden and many more.

Colors: No design trends are complete without the pick of the color. As expected, blue is sure to dominate the architecture world but with a minor variation – bold colors. Royal blue, Cobalt blue and other rich blue shades are the pick of the colors among the architects. With wide options for aesthetic use of colors strewn across curtains, paints, cushion covers and fabrics, tiles and rugs, the opportunities to enhance the aesthetics of interiors are huge. A perfect combination of personal choice and style with the trend setting colors are bound to make the interior design stand apart.

We are confident that the above enumerated design trends of 2016 are sure to make your home a paradise to live in.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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