How To Design Small Home

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It is not that only palatial villas, duplex apartments, bungalows can be made to look stunningly attractive through interior designs and decorations. Even a small home or an apartment deserves the same treatment and in fact demands aesthetic interior design to accommodate all functional needs.  However the question arises – ‘how to achieve this?’ Sovereign architects in Pune explain the tricks and tactics to design a small home.

Expert interior designers know exactly how to utilize every square inch of space from ceiling to corner. Effective utilization by creating multipurpose space utilization and reducing unused space helps in improving the functionality of the place. A small wall divider, floor to ceiling open storage, narrow shelves, storage under stairs, curtain dividers, and glass doors are some of unlimited ideas to design a small home to make it spacious.

With some creative ideas, a small home can be made extraordinary. How about using a bedroom as office space? All it requires is a retractable bed, foldable tables, efficient use of areas around windows, dividers cum storage and few more innovative ideas. Pretty isn’t it?

It is not only about designing the space for better utilization but also importance should be given to the aesthetic appearance.

  • Want to give a room more spacious effect? The best bet is a mirror as it efficiently makes the room appear larger. A glass door that connects the outdoor area and kitchen creates an illusion of a much larger space.
  • Selecting a right color for a room brings a great impression. Don’t opt for dark shades. Light palette or combining it with appropriate dark shades works wonders for small home.
  • Choose right furniture that use less space but more value in terms of space utilization. A banquette with storage underneath or a sofa that has storage serves as a great space saver. It is absolutely not necessary for a coffee table that occupies more space and also restricts movement when there is limited space. Instead opt for an attractive side table that serves as a multipurpose utility.
  • Lighting brings that magic when chosen correctly for a small home. Wall sconces, recessed lights, chandeliers can transform the whole place and can give luxurious appearance. Graphic wall hangings, paintings, and other simple yet adorable accessories are bound to accentuate the beauty of a small space.
  • Designing outdoor spaces is as important as indoors. A small coffee table in the patio or in terrace surrounded by plants will make outdoor living interesting even in a small house.

Designing small space is really an art. Crafting every room with quirky designing ideas plays an important role. Creativity, selecting multipurpose furniture, extraordinary utilization of unused space including an attic, perfect flooring that coordinates with suitable wall colors, lightings, wall hangings, storage combined with flawless arrangement and many more makes a small home a perfect place for living.

Sovereign architects, a well known interior designer in Pune, are experts in designing not only big spaces but also with their creative and innovative ideas they have transformed many small spaces into a comfortable living space.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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