How to Design Your Showroom For More Productivity

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When customers land inside the showroom with the intention of buying your products, there are several factors that influence their decision. Is it only confined to the cost of the product and service provided by the salesman? No, definitely not, the ambience and design of the showroom also play a salient role in the decision making. Showroom interior design is not an overnight concept. It requires deep thought process and ideas that blend seamlessly with the brand value of the product. Let us have a look at various design aspects for a retail showroom that needs to be given serious thoughts for increasing productivity.

Attract Customers

Be it an online business portal or a brick and mortar showroom, it is utmost important to provide a rich experience for the customers. The design of the showroom should be inviting the attraction of the customers and not the other way around. Any intriguing ideas, eyeball grabbing signboards or attractive display of products are some of the methodologies usually adapted by the business owners to sustain the engagement of customers. For instance, an out of place see-through glass divider may look like a bad design. But it all depends on what is on the other side of the divider. If it is an arrangement of a few cosy chairs and tables with coffee mugs and samples of your business products, it is going to arouse the interest of the visitor. The idea is to invite the focus and draw the person inside.

Detailed Focus

Design ideas should not overdose what that cannot be handled. The human mind can take what an eye can grasp. Nothing more than that. Stacking so many products even in a well-lit place may backfire as the eyeballs can make out the products only at the front. Hence the design settings should ensure focus from all directions.


Needless to say, aesthetics should go always along with the functionality of the design. Color of the interior surfaces of the showroom, illumination inside the showroom, furniture, curtains everything matters. The vibration created by smooth and sober wall paint is different from that of a bright and subtle designed texture. It is essential that the complete color and texture scheme should sync with the brand value of the company.

Out of Box Ideas

Times have changed and a certain amount of abstract arrangement of shelves would definitely be a plus point. A sort of pegboards, random arrangement of paintings, good lighting fixtures such as lanterns, music that flows around everything would be some of the definite bets that would succeed in attracting the attention of the visitors. Any vintage showpieces, murals, local celebrity pics, anything out of the box would grab the eyeball. With competitors on every alternate door, customer retention is the best strategy to increase productivity.

Don’t Stretch Much

Too many dividers, strong scents, blaring music are some of the bad ideas that are sure to drive away from the visitors. It is always necessary for the scent of the store to be in line with the product. It is not going to serve the purpose of creating an aroma of chocolate in a furniture shop and that of vanilla in an automobile showroom

Be on the Move

Don’t be static. That is the underlying message. The market is dynamic and so should be the design of the showroom. The primary design of the showroom should have several flexible features incorporated in it so that it is prudently put into its best use as per the market dynamics.

Sovereign architects, a renowned firm for retail showroom interior designing in Pune adds that design should be considered as the integral product of the brand value. And do not forget to experiment and have fun, because, those are the elements that can bring out the hidden gems.

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