How to Design your small garden

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Space is never a constraint when the concept of garden pops up. All it matters is the conceptualization of innovative design ideas and their intelligent execution challenges. With urbanization having taken toll of much of town’s green space, people have started vying for the development of small gardens in their terraces, decks, patios or at their tiny backyards. As we have passion towards greeneries, we bring out spectacular landscape design ideas for small spaces and love implementing them.
Brief layout of ideas:
As the basic idea is to create haven for green cover, no small area is really small. Be it roof space, balcony garden, or even dining area, anything and everything can be made accountable. Let us go through several intelligent and creative ideas that can transform your living space into a miniature Amazon jungle.
• When the footprints are less, any wall in the house, living or boundary, can be effectively used to have a hanging garden. Vertical gardens provide a refreshing outlook of the house.
• Even a small stoned pathway in the garden would create a mesmerizing look. As even a little statue or mini pond would be an unaffordable luxury in the small garden space, it would be a good idea to accentuate the space using lights and small accessories such as stepping stones.
• Never forget to include a seating place in the garden, however small it is. This avoids the garden look crowded. But as it would be very difficult to accommodate the centre table surrounded with chairs, a smart idea would be to wall mounted benches or foldable chairs out in the garden.
• Create mini partitions of garden and divide them into different segments. This would make the garden look big and present a neat presentation. The partition can be made out of pebble stones, burnt clay bricks or simply with low height shrubs.
• When the space is small, it would be a smart idea to develop a garden with monochromatic color of flowers. And there is a valid reason behind it. A multicolored small garden looks confined.
• A mini spice garden is definitely an exciting option. In addition to enhancing the green quotient, it doubles up as the source for fresh mint, or fenugreek leaves.
• Who said gardens are meant only for flowering plants. They can also be a good source for your home grown tomato, chilies, lemon and many more. The most interesting aspect of these home grown veggies is that they can be grown in pots.
• Small garden are always easier to maintain and provides a good opportunity to sleep while gazing the stars with few minimal soft cushions and lightings.
• Solar powered lightings and lanterns are the norms in a small garden. They are not only eco friendly, but also provide long lasting options.
• A patio of the house can be attractively adorned with planters and ornaments and lend hand to produce aesthetic appeals.
• Even a small availability of barren land can be conveniently converted into a garden using flower plants, climbers, and creepers.
• A house completely devoid of garden space can have small flower plants in all the corners of the rooms, upon the centre table, between the sofas and even above flush tanks. Hanging baskets with small flowering plants can also be effectively placed in salient parts of the house to create a green effect.
Many a time, limited availability of few aspects always push us into corner and demand the best out of us. Precisely, that is what a small garden does. As a renowned landscape architect in Pune, we always believe that creativity is the key parameter in small garden. And finally we would like to ascertain a fact – Space is never and ever a constraint. Go green.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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