Interior Design Tips for children’s room

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Kids are so special and precious. So, it is quite obvious that everybody desires to give the best to their children. Be it education, clothing, facilities, parents try to do their maximum possible to keep them happy. A noble thought indeed. Likewise, it is very important to present a conducive ambience for them that suits their age, gender, tastes and liking. Yes, we are talking about their rooms in your house.
Designing their room should be given utmost care and attention. We can confidently say that sky is the limit for children’s room décor ideas. Sovereign architects, the leading architects in Pune share some ideas to design your kid’s room.
Safe designs
We have enlisted this as first because safety carries the top most tag before anything else. Hence while formulating children’s room design ideas, select materials, and objects that do not harm your kids in any way. Carpeting the floor, avoiding sharp edged furniture, and selecting eco friendly and odorless paints would go a long way in circumventing unnecessary complications.
While selecting or customizing furniture, let it be a multipurpose one as it makes sense in utilizing the space effectively.
• How about bunk beds or bed that has storage unit to keep the clutters of toys and board games.
• Customize the bunk beds and make it more interesting by adding lights.
• Create a small space to play or study area.
• Your little ones would be growing at feverish pace and may demand for replacement of furniture. Be smart while designing the room and do not forget to install furniture that has features of height adjustability.
Though it is common to select pink for girls and blue for boys this need not be a stringent rule. An interesting combination with pink or blue would throw up good fun. Experiment along with your kids and be surprised to come out with exemplary designs. Few suggestions are
• Paint a side of wall with their favorite cartoon heroes. Don’t go for the usual Spiderman and Barbie. Be imaginative and bring in their favorites, may be Mowgli for boys and Cinderella for girls.
• Allocate a mildly dark shaded wall as scribble wall to express what’s going on in their minds.
• Who said all walls need to be of same color. Bring in contrasting color amidst the wall shades.
• Go for printed curtains that syncs with wall colors.
• Off- white, green, orange are other choices. Let the colors be inviting, warm and relaxing.
But as they change from active kids to adolescents, so do their tastes and choices. As they grow up and able to suggest their favorite color, go with tastes of the kids and boost their personality.
Truly, it is the toughest part to accomplish. With their minds switching sides rapidly, it calls for a deep thinking to balance their flow of interest. It may be the sports, say football, or basketball that may be ruling the roost today. But nothing can be told about tomorrow, for it can change overnight towards rock music. Hence, incorporate themes that are highly portable and easy to change. Alternatively a wall of the room can be specifically allocated to reflect what they are. All it requires is the change of posters with another set of wall hangings or basketball nets with guitars.
Make sure all your accessories blend well with the theme and color scheme of the room. It is no point in overdoing the room with accessories all over the floor and wall space.
• Accessories should be functional and add elegant quotient to the room. For instance, a rug beside the bed should be able to take care of their messy feet and also carry their favorite cartoon image!
• Car shaped furniture, football themed bed… the ideas are practically limitless. Do few basic researches and invest in customized accessories; your kids would love it.
• Make the ceiling live at night with fluorescent stickers of galaxy. Believe us, kids love it.
• Utility furniture, wall hangings, stuffed toys, wall clocks, the list goes on and on. Make sure it is of your kids’ choice and not yours – it’s their room.

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