Landscaping Yourself versus Using a Landscape Architect

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The very utterance of the word “landscaping” infuses fresh energy and triggers the thoughts of flowering plants, gravel pathways, decorative pebbles arrangement. But is landscaping limited to gardening and horticulture? No, it involves complete transformation of visible image of your outdoor space with tiles, pagodas, fire pits, fountains, patios, outdoor kitchens and every other aspect that creates positive vibration to your garden. Definitely, an outdoor space is the perfect place to relax and shun the congested indoor spaces of living and working. Having said that, on few occasions, the outdoor space turns bushy, overgrown, and mucky. It should be clearly understood that landscapes demand good maintenance and better the design, easier to maintain.
So, what to do with your landscape proposal? “Without any doubt, gardening and landscaping provides excellent deviation from your daily chaotic chores and provides you with a sense of satisfaction” says one of the best landscape architects in Pune. But should you do it on your own or seek the service of a professional landscape architect. Let us see both sides of the coin.

    • Value addition
      Hiring a landscape architect is probably one of the best investments you are ever likely to make. A properly designed landscape is bound to add value to your dream property and also extend the outdoor space, where you can enjoy the nature along with your daily chores. Architects know the best technique to incorporate outdoor kitchens, installed seating, and hammocks and extend your living space. Although your enthusiasm is not limited, you may probably lack the techniques to install the best.
    • Planned construction
      Architects are trained to perceive, design, and construct the best possible landscape architecture that syncs well with the ambience and our thinking. They are trained to do the best possible job by exploring all sorts of possibilities. For instance, nobody likes to have the driveway flooded during rainy season. Architects, by virtue of their expertise, deploy permeable paving to increase groundwater recharge. And ofcourse, landscaping design is not your forte and it is better left to the experts.
    • Low maintenance gardens
      Most of you love the landscape and participate initially in its maintenance. As the time flies by, unfortunately, maintenance becomes a big headache. Architects understand the pulse of the occupants and based on the requirement, devise a low maintenance landscape with native plants. Native plants demand very less irrigation and at the same juncture, attracts large quantity of bees and butterflies.
    • Conserve energy billsArchitects precisely know the technique of reducing the energy bills.
      • Ask the leading architects in Pune and they sure know where to plant the big shrubs and trees to encourage natural ventilation and lighting and bring down the usage of utility services bill.
      • Again, landscape architects design excellent rain gardens to filter the runoff water from the outdoor space and infiltrate them back to the garden.
      • Landscape architects are experts in drip irrigation system. While a correctly installed irrigation techniques would save lot of money, an incorrect installation would not only make your money go the drain but also damage all your plants.
      Although lot of resources on DIY energy conservation techniques is available for you, a professional landscape architect would have gained more knowledge through hands-on experience.
    • Scale of economy
      Landscape architects know exactly what to buy and where to buy the raw materials that goes into the development of your outdoor space. Their expertise in the field enables you to buy raw materials at cheaper cost and bring down the total cost of the project.

Then what exactly is the role for landscape enthusiasts like you? Well, you can always lend your hand to the architect in designing, purchasing, and execution and still have mutual authority over each and every part of the project. It should be borne in the mind that the design of landscapes made by a professional landscape architect is sure to be greater than what you can envisage. Let us work together with landscape architect and make your premises a better place to live.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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