Cool Hotel-Style Bedroom Design Ideas

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Whenever we visit a good hotel, we are usually impressed by the interior ideas that are employed for bedrooms. Be it lampshades, beds, cushions, or other things that are encompassed inside the room, create a fresh and rich feel. As a reputed architect and interior designer in Pune, we are often requested by our clients to remodel their bedrooms to resemble the fresh designs of a hotel. We always oblige to their requests and recreate their bedrooms through simple but elegant design ideas. Here are few cool ideas that can easily transform your bedroom to an elevated state.

    • Go for white bedding 

Have you ever observed the difference in bedding of a hotel room and your bedroom? Those spotless white bedspreads at hotels hold aces to create the first and best impression on us. Go for white bedding with high thread count. It would also be smart idea to choose a white spread along with matching pillows that has an interesting design as borders. And make sure that the shade of comforter has contrasting but plain colors to accentuate the brightness of bedding.

    • Create a focal point

It is very important to create a focal point in each and every room of your house and play around it. The focal point in your bedroom can be a fire place, wall hanging or even an impressive lighting with elegant fixtures. Having established the focal point, play around with elements and highlight the elegance of it.

    • Fill bedside table 

Bedrooms demand convenience and how better can it be achieved other than by having all essential things at an arm’s length. Bedside lamps, alarm clock cum radio, fresh flowers and anything else than can make you convenient for your relaxation. Also incorporate a mini tray in one of the bedside tables to keep the knick-knacks such as mobile phones, watches, clips, perfumes, water bottles, magazines and so on.

    • Keep a mini coffee stand 

How about a mini refreshment bar to have your bedside coffee as a first thing in the morning? A coffee station loaded with coffee maker, sugar cubes, and cutleries. It is also not a bad idea to have a sleek mini-fridge at the corner of the room to quench your thirst at midnight.

  • Make way for a seating area
  • On several occasions, bedrooms do get converted into living rooms. For instance, many people have the habit of reading few pages of book just before retiring to the bed. To facilitate such a scenario, go for a comfortable seating arrangement that is just few feet away from the bed. To uplift the comfort factor, it would be a definitely better idea, if it reclines a bit!
    • Play with colors 

Not only the color shades of your bedspreads, but even that of wall paints, curtains, rugs on the floor matters a lot. Remember, relaxation is the keyword for bedroom and hence go for mood setting or soothing colors that makes your mind calm and quiet. Bright and vivid colors such as orange, red, pink are advisable to be avoided. Instead, one can opt for subtle shades such as off-white, cream, baby pink, sky blue and pale yellow.

    • Address the details 

Even after accomplishing every other aspect, the entire setup can go down the drain, if minor details are not addressed properly. Cupboard handles, lamp shades, and curtain rods do play their part in enhancing the décor of your bedroom and hence it is worth having a good check on them.

    • Balance the rhythm

It is very much important to sustain the gradual visual flow of the room from one element to other. Highly contrasting and bright elements are better to be kept at living rooms than bedrooms. Again, to ensure the smooth flow of interiors, make sure all the elements in the space, such as furniture and accent items are in proportion.

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vaishali kawalkar

vaishali kawalkar

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