Interior Design Ideas to make your Home Look like a Luxury Hotel

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It is true that no other place provides more comfort than our good old home. But haven’t we yearned for beautiful interiors of a luxury hotel right inside our house? Is it really possible to achieve it? It should be borne in the mind that budget is never constraint to experience a smaller version of luxury in our house. Again, if it is possible somewhere else, why it can’t be in your place, says Sovereign architects, a reputed interior designer in Pune.

  • Comfy Bedroom
  • When we say bedroom, the center stage is usually taken by the bed with matching bedcovers, pillow covers and curtains. Change your fabric in the bedroom with matching designs and do not forget to throw in few plump pillows, cushions, and comforters. If possible, get two side tables with lamps and a cozy chair.

  • Spa like bathroom 
  • Bathroom deserves a serene and lavish décor. Of course, the budget may go above the roof if we try to replicate exactly like a luxury hotel – Jacuzzi tubs, full body and head jets. But a decent look can be definitely achieved with a good shower curtain, dim lights, fluffy towels and few good scented candles.

  • Elegant entrance 
  • How can we make our small entrance of our house to reflect the fabulous work present in a luxury way? An entryway table, may be against a wall is the good way to begin our journey. And a neat are work on the wall, right above the table and a flower vase with pleasant flowers would do the trick. Try it.

  • Spread the aroma 
  • A good feeling is always created when we enter a space that smells good. In our house, it can be easily created with the help of oil diffusers and potpourri. It can be citrus, lavender, vanilla, rose or any other fragrance, but make sure that it is adored by all members of your family.

  • Bring in nature 
  • Syncing with nature always uplifts the spirits. Gorgeous arrangements of fresh flowers, nicely decorated indoor plants, elegant flower cases and clean windows that overlook the garden are some of the nice tips that can take your home blend nicely with nature. Infact, it is not a bad idea to get few artificial flowers for the center table or dining table flower vase!

  • Get artistic 
  • Spend some money and make way for few artistic pieces on a shelf or wall in the living room. Invest in a large wall hanging that appeals to all and decorate it well with solid wooden frame. Without any doubt, the art piece would become the focal point of your living room.

  • Lavish lighting 
  • Wherever you have experienced the comfort of a luxury hotel, you would have surely admired the lighting effect. Consider changing the outdated lighting system and get in few side lamps with good shades and modern and artistic light fixtures, that adds a tinge of décor to your home. As dimmers are good mood creators, have it installed for the overhead lights.

  • Organize objects 
  • Over the years, we keep on accumulating things and at one point of time, obviously it starts overflowing. Resolve to clean up the mess and do not hesitate to dump articles that have either outlived their lives or outdated. Organizing the existing things at the proper places is the key aspect to get a clean and neat ambience.

  • floors and walls 
  • We always appreciate the elegant floors and walls of luxury hotel, but seldom bother to get the same at our house. It is not necessary for your home to be lined with marble tiles or Italian granites, but a clean and neat flooring with a simple but decorate rug beneath the center table is good enough. Give a fresh coat of paint for your walls and change the cushions of your sofa set– you will feel proud of the ambience.

  • Neat and tidy
  • Finally, make your house more appealing by making it clean and tidy. Make it spotless by cleaning windowpanes, fan vanes and mirrors. Believe us, it would make a big difference.

You can always contact an architect and interior designer in Pune to bring out the most out of your lovely home and make it reflect the décor and grandeur of a luxury hotel. It is absolutely possible!

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vaishali kawalkar

vaishali kawalkar

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