5 Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Coffee Shop Vibe

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Most of us love coffee shops and the reason is not restricted to the aroma of a freshly brewed cup and it extends further to mild music, calm and comfortable ambience and relaxing experience. The warm vibes experienced by us in a coffee shop is usually created by its splendid mixing of vintage and contemporary elements. Is it possible to recreate the coffee shop vibe in our kitchen? Definitely possible and the key is to begin with a simple aspect and start constructing the rest from there, says, Sovereign Architects, one of the reputed architects in Pune. Let us see how it can be done in five easy steps.

    • Wow the walls
      We all eventually appreciate the old appearance of a coffee shop with exposed bricks. So why not mimic those vintage look with faux finishes in your kitchen? Again it would be an excellent idea to recreate the black board magic of coffee shop, listing out the specialty menu. Although it would be great to have a miniature black board in your kitchen, it would still be better if you dedicate a full wall with black paint and white scribbling. And do not forget to hang a huge world map.
    • Fantastic furniture
      Akin to wall treatments, coffee shops also present a cool ambience with the help of furniture that are not painted with bright colors. Either they are bare wood or stained with medium shades. If your kitchen has few extra yards of space, preferably across a window, erect a built in bar counter with few backless stools and make sure that they look like few decades old. If you are fond of eat-in dining table, go for a bistora table with foldable garden chairs that can also double up to facilitate reading. Finally, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to have an elevated antique wooden chest that perfectly fit the bill for an island?
    • Cute cabinets
      Most of the coffee shops have cabinets to store their cutleries, coffee beans and other raw materials. On careful inspection, you would also realize that the elegance achieved by coffee shops is partly due to the open shelf in those cabinets and stainless steel bench tops. Go for similar arrangement for your kitchen pantry rack and work tops and ensure that the laminates used for the former to resemble stained concrete or wood.
    • Invest in interesting mugs
      Most of the time, we get surprised to see the size of the mug in which a fresh brew is served. Likewise, go for few custom made ceramics that perfectly complements your style and kitchen theme. Not only mugs, but all jars, bowls, utensils and other cutlery items can be easily made unique through customization and present a chic look for your kitchen. That being said, the utensils can be of glass too, provided they are of unique shape. Is it not a good idea to gorgeously line up the entire glass wares and brightly painted heavy ceramic mugs in a row?
    • Go for Greens and light
      Everybody adores coffee shops that have bit of green in the form of indoor plants. You can decorate your kitchen with a small potted plant or a spice garden and their effects can be accentuated by few interesting lighting arrangements. And finally, add few interesting elements in your kitchen that does not have an iota of connection with cooking. It can be framed kite, a vintage lantern, or anything that amplifies the interest created by lighting and greens.

Isn’t it fascinating to think about revisiting your kitchen theme on the lines of a coffee shop? If you would like to implement your ideas, you can always be in touch with Sovereign Architects, the most sought after architect and interior designer in Hinjewadi.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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