How to use artificial flowers and trees for decoration

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It is true that real flowers and trees have been widely used for interior decoration of your homes and offices to instill fresh energy in the ambience. But slowly people started shifting towards artificial flowers for various reasons that includes maintenance efforts, allergic aromas, and even lack of water and light.  Although initially artificial flowers presented a papery texture, it is not so anymore. As with any other industry, it has been finely refined with the help of technology and today, even by touching the flowers and leaves, it is not really easy to identify whether it is real or artificial.

The drastic change in customers liking towards artificial varieties of floral decorations have made several florists to shift their strategy and stack up artificial flowers and trees. This has opened a massive window of opportunities for an interior designer in Pune , or for that matter anywhere else to decorate a building with graceful elegance. With availability of huge selection of artificial flowers and trees in varieties of colors and patterns, it should be admitted that interior designers are spoilt for choice. Let us explore how best these flowers and trees can be put to their potential use and uplift the aesthetics.

  • Green plants

Who does not love a shade of green in the corner of a living room or the gangway leading to your living room? A good quality Aloe Vera synthetic plant potted in a medium size flower pot filled with small pebbles would easily pass the scrutiny of onlookers.

  • Aqua plants

How about an elegant glass bowl filled with water and pebbles to house a violet or white shaded artificial water plant in the dining table. The elegance of these plants can be uplifted to the next level if good quality silk flowers are used.

  • Potted elegance

Heard about potted trees? And wouldn’t you be delighted if you have a natural looking potted varieties hanging near your book shelf or in the conference room of your office. This would not only add elegance to your room but can also act as mood setter.

  • Bonsai bonanza

Similarly, you can also go for an artificial bonanza to decorate the window sills. But make it sure to sync with the theme of furniture in the room or it may dampen the harmonious look of ambience.

  • Flowering beauties

Can there be a better choice to augment the look of your front desk area other than flowering pots. But without the trouble of maintenance, withering, and aroma allergies, you can enjoy these beautiful looking artificial flowers potted in a chic container. It can be roses, orchids, or sunflowers made out of velvets or satins – the options are endless are guaranteed to satiate your tastes and styles.

  • Classic hangings

For exteriors of your office or home, you can always go for hung varieties of pots filled with bunch of multi-colored flowers to achieve a pristine look. The advantage is huge – no water dripping from these beautiful pots.

  • Kitchen queens

Since kitchens are always filled with moist ambience, it becomes very difficult to have a natural plant. But with artificial flower stems in a porcelain vase near the sink or at the top of the cabinet, you can straight away infuse positive energy and give life to the area.

  • Sophisticated comfort

Doctors usually do not recommend having natural plants in the bedroom, for those who have severe allergy symptoms. Artificial flower plants come as a godsend rescue to the situation and add comfort in the mind. A vase near the night lamp would be very much apt, as it is a spot that always grabs your attention when you enter the room. It can be a whole bunch or just with one flower, it does not really matter, as they can easily generate major effect in the ambience

As said earlier, the options are unlimited and you can always decorate your abode with artificial flowers and trees to create the most graceful decoration, says Sovereign Architects, a reputed architect and interior designer in Pune. We are also available in Wakad &Hinjewadi area.

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