How to decorate your kids’ room in affordable prices?

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Thinking of new ways to decorate your child’s bedroom? If yes, then check out this post. In this article we are going to teach you some really cool and fun ways in which you can add some fun and spark to your child’s room without having to spend too much money. The tips have been tried and tested and promise to make your little one’s home look new and organized!

Make new curtains for them and throw away the pillows

Don’t waste too much money buying new curtains and pillow covers for your kids. You can easily use your sewing skills to create some really nice and attractive looking pillow cases for your little ones. Just make sure you have good quality fabric and the right accessories. Also let your children participate and pick what they want. You may also use giant pillow floors for lounging purposes and special pillows or even stuffed animals.

Paint the walls of their choice

If you want to decorate your kids’ home, make sure to paint the walls of their choice. You may pick some of the nearby crafts and art pieces to use them as paintings on the wall. Let your child pick the colour they want. Ask them if they want moon and stars on the walls as well. This will give your home a very clean and well defined look and also make your child feel good about their new room!

Have their collections hung!


pictures, stones, postcards and what not. You can make a collection of them and hang them near the window on the string. Using pictures and postcards are the best. They are very affordable and easy and don’t cost much money.

Have a treasure box for the kids

You can also create a treasure box for your kids where they can keep their favourite pieces of furniture and accessories. If you want to make the box look fancy and neat, you can use a vintage style box and decorate that as well. There are plenty of online stores that sell vintage boxes at very cheap and affordable prices. They will act as a prop in your child’s room and also give them something to look forward to. Your child will also want to show their home off to others after this!

With that we would like to bring the post to a close. Do you have any special ideas you like to use while decorating your kids room? If yes, then do let us know in the comment box below. Also if you want to know more about decorating beds and kitchens, you can check out our main website. We also have architects in India and interior designers in Pune who can help you with this.

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