Landscaping Ideas for designing beautiful garden

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It is an irrefutable fact that there can’t be a better choice other than a landscaped garden for connecting your indoor and outdoor space. Designing a beautiful garden can be a great experience and infact you are most likely to be overwhelmed with the alternatives you can have. One of the most recognized architects in Pune opines that the style of garden can easily pave way for linking your interior design with the outdoor space. Sovereign architects, a reputed architect and interior designer in Pune is glad to offer few stunning ideas for designing your beautiful garden

Before picking up your garden shovel, make a rough plan of your garden by incorporating your wish list:

  • Necessity of play area in garden for kids
  • Need for vegetable or flowering plants
  • Requirement of a patio for family gathering
  • Fountains and pathways
  • Sitting arrangements

Depending upon the availability of space, it may not be possible to accommodate all these aspects, but that shouldn’t deter your inspiration to develop greenery in courtyard. Remember, space is never a big criterion, as visually appealing garden can be created even in a small patch of open yard inside your compound walls.

  • Welcome with flowers: What can be a better way to welcome your guests or soothe yourself other than with a sight of freshly bloomed colorful flowers? Make your entrance vivid with the helpful of assorted potted flowering plants that lasts round the year.
  • Border your driveway: Your driveway to the house can be elegantly bordered with flower beds and raised lawn in the middle. It should be borne in the mind that creativity is the key to achieve great results and you can always go for color plants that suits your theme and style.
  • All time favorites – Bougainvillea: It is not a good idea to fall prey for fancy plants that would not survive more than a season. Instead, talk to your neighborhood gardener and choose plants that can survive the weather conditions of your place. For instance, most of the varieties of Bougainvillea flourish in Indian conditions and this shrub needs the least of care and water. As a word of caution, make sure to trim it often, as they grow with feverish pace.
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