Glass Splashback: A modern approach to latest kitchen

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Gone are the days when kitchen was just used as a place to cook food. With changing times, kitchen has turned out to be one of the nerve centres of house with dense traffic. So what can be the best way to uplift the spirit of kitchen and change its mundane ambience without being out of sync with trends and styles? Glass splashback! It has completely changed the perception of a kitchen and its popularity is very much evident from the frequent queries raised by our clients, says a reputed architect and interior designer in Pune.

So before beginning consulting with your interior designer in Pune about glass splashback for your kitchen, it is very much necessary to understand the benefits and importance it can offer to you.

  • Simple to clean

As glass surfaces are smooth, seamless and flat, the splashback made out of them are very easy to clean. The stains caused by spills on glass splashbacks can be easily cleaned by a simple wipe of damp cloth and hence there is no necessity for specialty cleaning solutions or tools. Isn’t it a very good news for the ones who love to cook?

  • Seamless finish

There is another important reason for the huge popularity of glass splashbacks; they do not have vertical or horizontal joints like that of tiles and hence there is absolutely no scope for future wear and tear issues along the grout lines. Infact, if you have chosen a glass splashback up to a certain size, it comes with seamless finish. Even the wiping clothes would love this news!

  • Plethora of color options

While opting for a stainless steel or tiled backsplash, it is quite possible for you to get a retarded choice of colors. But with glass splashback, your choice is spread across the whole universe. Yes, as the back of a glass splashback can be painted with any color, virtually you can have any hue of your choice. It can either be matching with the cook top, kitchen top, cabinets in the kitchen or can render a contrasting effect to them.

  • Safety

As glass splashbacks are made out of minimum 10 mm thick toughened glasses, they don’t get shattered due to any impact. Also these specially treated glasses offer excellent resistance to heat and hence it can easily be fitted right behind your cook top. We can already see the minor streak of worry about its safety getting erased from your mind.

  • As a sign board:

Apart from the safety aspects and cleanliness friendly aspect, Glass splashbacks offer a special advantage. You can easily write on them with a marker pen – a real advantage to note down a message or a remainder note on the shopping list. And should we make you happier by saying that these markings can be easily cleaned with the wipe?

  • Other benefits:
  1. Style statement: Glass splashbacks is not only a multi utility design but also a style statement. It provides a rich look for the otherwise dull walls of the kitchen.
  2. Enhances illumination: As glass reflects light, it actually increases the illumination of your kitchen. With less shadows, you will always love the brightness of the room
  3. Highly resourceful: The speciality of glass splashbacks remains with its ability to adopt most of the surfaces. Even the toughest corners and edges of kitchen wall becomes an easy substrate for these splashbacks.

As you start scouting for glass splashbacks, you will be surprised to find two variants of it.

  • Clear float: A type of glass that has a bluish green hue to it.
  • Starphire: These are again clear float glasses but treated to remove bluish tinge shade.

Although both variants have same properties with respect to safety and application, you would notice the difference in them only with the color shade sprayed on them due to the tinge shade difference. If you need further information about these glass splashback, you can always contact our interior designer in Baner. We would gladly give away few great ideas, tips, and options that can completely transform you kitchen ambience.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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