Wonderful Mirror decorating ideas for your home

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What can mirrors do for decorating your home? Well, pretty much can be achieved, exclaims a reputed interior designer in Wakad. One of the huge advantages of playing interior designs with mirrors is that they are no way governed by any sort of rules and can be elegantly used to uplift the visual appearance of any room. They can be very well treated as decorative windows and made to reflect anything you wish to emphasize. Let’s have a glance of few wonderful mirror decorating ideas that can elevate your ambiance to the next level.

    • Expand the space: Mirrors have inherent ability to expand the space. Of course, selection of precise location and placement plays a crucial role in reflecting the desirable aspects and not the ones that needs to be avoided. For instance, right installation of an elegant mirror in a kitchen would enlarge the space and brighten the room, but would not reflect any obscure corner.
    • Outdoor elegance: Who said mirrors are meant for indoor purpose? They can very well play a beautiful role in an outdoor space. A round or oval shaped mirror in the porch would make the surroundings livelier than ever before. As an added bonus, watch out for the reflection of candle lights in the night and be ready to get mesmerized.
    • Walls that reflect: No, we are not discussing about commercial skyscrapers that are lined with mirror panels as the exterior surface. Instead, we would like to highlight the graceful appearance even your bathroom door can throw when it is lined with mirrors.
    • Scintillating effect: Wish to create a scintillating decorative statement in your bedroom? Right away go for a full length framed mirror anchored on to the floor. This elegant idea is sure to make you surprised with its effects and can easily become implausible asset for your home.
    • Kitchen cabinets: The specialty of mirror lies in its ability to blend with any ambience. Yes, they can even be used as cabinet doors to render an enlarged look of a small kitchen. Also when paired with contrasting countertops and backsplashes, you would be astonished to know how a kitchen can be made so graceful.
    • Wall hangings: Ever heard of mirrors as wall hangings? Try it yourself to believe what an ecstatic visual treat they can provide, when they are grouped together. But, make sure that all the mirrors are of same size and shape and they are in perfect sync with the scale of the wall space, cautions an interior designer in Pune, reputed for incorporating vanity interior designs even in a small space.
    • Brilliant wardrobe panels: Very much similar to the kitchen cabinets, these mirrors can also used to decorate your wardrobe. Yes, all you need to do is to replace those wardrobe doors with mirrors. And if you want to play it safe, have them paneled and still get the look of a professional design.
  • Mirrors to welcome: How does it sound when we say mirrors can always be at the entry point of your home? Usually most of the entry ways lack light and what better excuse you need to place elegantly framed mirrors that are poised to add new dimension to the space by creating lighting and reflectivity.

In short, if you love lights and would be glad to create a spacious look for the room, your first choice should be mirrors, says an architect & interior designer in Hinjewadi, renowned for making eyeball grabbing ideas with mirrors and glasses. If you wish to know more about to get the most out of these accessories, do contact us; with rich expertise, we would gladly help you to achieve a stunning effect you have never heard of.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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