Decorating your room? Save money with these decorating Ideas.

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Does a poorly decorated room, or simply a messed up one ever attract you? A growing teenager might not complain about it, but a grown up will surely do. It always feels good to keep your room clean, beautiful and ambient. Decorating homes properly might end up costing too much if you have low budget for styling for your rooms. Not everyone can afford the costly wallpapers, room decors, wall hangings etc. Sovereign Architects covers all area such as Architect &  interior designer in Hinjewadi , Interior designer in Wakad , etc.

We give you 9 innovative ideas of decorating your room without costing your pocket much.

    • Old Family Stuffs : Remember the old sofas and tables and shelves your granny once used to adore? Did you commit the blunder of throwing them off? Lucky one you are if you still have not. Collect your old furniture, blemish them with paint or some other patterns and cloth pieces. Place the in different part of the house or room. You will never feel the ambiance enchanted to this extent. You will love the way your room mesmerizes you.
    • Love Your Accents : Stitch your pillows in polka dots, the Jaipuri Print, the Arabic and the ancient designs, let your pillows, curtains and table clothes convey your love for the print. They will add color to your old environment.
    • Skip The Wallpapers : Those attractive wallpapers are costly. And you agree with that. You can move into the attractive, lovely and eye catching heirloom quilt, decorative dishes, you can paint your own unused boxes, decorate them over the shelves.
    • Embrace Your Kitchen : Let not your kitchen stay empty and pale. Decorate it with the essentials. Place them in order and try keeping them hanging. They not only add beauty to the kitchen but also help you find the essentials easily.
    • The Tables : Don’t hide your beautiful glass and vase inside the cupboard. Place it on the tables and chests to make the room more elegant.
    • The Window Panes : Add written textures to the window panes, scroll papers and hand stitched messages. They will make your room look peaceful from inside and help your eyes save themselves from the scorching sunlight.
    • Say Bye To The Costly Designers : You no more have to take the headache of reaching the designers and waiting for their appointments. Online tutorials help give home improvement at your finger tips. Save money and design your accessories and home by yourself.
    • The Bookshelves : Don’t keep the book shelves empty or messed up. You have every chances of decorating it with hand woven braids, paint the corners, make floral designs and make it look colorful. Why leave a beautiful chance of embracing your own shelf.
    • Dress The Curtains : Get the not so costly ribbons from the market and use it for the curtains flowing from your windows and doors. You can give the ribbons a vintage look by tying it up simply to the curtains, or you can simply make them flow along with those curtains.

                                                                        For just lovely ideas for making your room look pretty. Sovereign Architects is right option of getting  an interior designing in Pune, according to your budget. But why give a chance to the cost when making them look sober in less cost are in your own hands.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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