How to Increase Your Room Ambience with These Lighting Ideas

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The most important thing that brings life in a room is the lighting of that room. Shady or bright, lighting is an essential part of the ambience of a house or a room. We are inspired by many instances, from Bollywood, Pinterest, various types of online sources etc. You will get lots of domestic help over the ideas of decorating your room and the lighting of it, but to get a specific pattern, you have professionals in your own city. Sovereign Architects is ‘best’ Architect and interior designer in Pune happen to have a strong grip of their position in the city and all over the country also.  If you want to increase the pleasant ambience of your room, you need to know the proper arrangements of those lights.

There are generally three lighting spaces in your room :

1. Ambient

2. Accent

3. Task

This is the part of the house, or room that is largely illuminated. This area is the main area, contains mostly of the chandelier, hanging lights, recessed lighting or sconces used in such a way that it does not make a shadow. While wiring the rooms, it is suggested to use multiple circuits. This will help dim some lights while keeping others brighter.



Accent :

The art like objects, sculptures, book cases and shelves, the accent part mostly consists of these parts of the room. There are varieties of lamps, and the entire look of the room can be changed. Set them on a corner of the room, on the sideboard or shelves. You can go for the interior designers in Pune for assistance and a professional look. This will create the impression of spaciousness.  Classic track lighting, lights illuminated in picture frames, candles are the most common types of accent lighting.



Task :

A strong white beam of light across the surface of the kitchen rooms, study, cabinet etc. This lighting is generally pendant sort of lighting. This lighting is particularly important when performing specific tasks like cooking, doing homework, or getting ready in the bathroom. Even illumination is essential when planning your bathroom lighting plan. One way to do this is simply by making sure the same amount of light comes from the sides of the room as the top of the room. Even lighting will help prevent shadows and create the perfect bathroom lighting for applying make-up or shaving.




The lighting is very important because best lighting for determines the atmosphere that radiates the living room decor and these should be chosen just there to match. Some of the posh areas of the city has their own growing professionals, including interior designer in baner. Sovereign Architects provide services in all area. The lights can be chosen in different ways. So, here we gave you some room lighting ideas which will help you.

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