How to decorate large living rooms?

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Designing a house is everyone’s dream. To have a place which reflects the owner personality, a place that is the final destination after long days at work, a place that you can call home. We all know dreams can be hard to accomplish at times. For, such times, there is Sovereign Architects to guide or rather take you through this beautiful journey. Sovereign Architects are proud for being a trusted firm when it comes to architects in Pune. For any interior design needs in Pune, Sovereign Architects are one of the first ones to call! There are many parts of home that needs special attention. The most important part of the house is the living room.

When moving into a new house or getting a house renovated, there is plenty of energy, thoughts, and ideas that one would have for house and it appearance on the both inside and the outside. Among all the section, designing a living room is most difficult of all. The reason behind this is that the living room is the only room that will represent the entire family. Designing a bedroom is easier as compared to the living room, because a room design would concern mainly only the person who will live in it, while a living room will have many opinions. We at Sovereign Architects are here to help you with designing of a living room. There are few mistakes that one must definitely stay away from when designing decorating a living room.

Divide To DesignLiving rooms are usually the biggest room in a house and that makes it even more difficult to decorate. In such cases, the room should be well divided into seating areas, columns and reading areas etc. this will utilize the space as well as keep it well organized and give a cozy feeling to the people while they are in the room. Having small pavements pillars and artifacts in the room can really give it class.

Room Needs Anchor : Being a vast area of space, living room decorations may look extremely cluttered. To not have such sense, it is good to have a large piece of furniture in the room so things could be tucked in it.

Use The Scale : Having correct measurements before begging to decorate the room would be absolutely needed, as if the room is not scaled well in terms of its ceiling, than it could be a problem as things might go out of proportion for the room. It wouldn’t match too well with the decoration if the size of furniture goes fluctuates.

Light It Up And Get The Color Buzz : The main elements that would make room up to ones expectations would be having the right kind of light an careful selection of color pallets. Brightness in room is important so the color and lights both should compliment ne another in day as well as at night. It should also be for all moods and seasons. Another important factor is to have lights that would be in sync with the furniture in the room.

Don’t Hug The Wall : Many times we must have observed that people are conscious about the space of the room and so to make it look larger, the furniture is put right against the walls. Now, this could make the room look empty and completely out of order.

Know your furniture: To have a good décor and vibe in the living room, one has to be careful while picking furniture. Wrong furniture or too many kinds of furniture could make the room look awkward. Also, having repetition of the some furniture pieces can also make the room look unorganized. One can add bold photo frames, wallpapers, wall clocks, etc, for the room to look god and match with the decor the house will be embodying.

For all such help you have Sovereign Architects by your side. We are known in Pune architects group and we provide the best result to our clients.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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