Small Living Room Ideas 2019 (Modern)

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We have entered 2019 & yet to reclaim ourselves from the partying & rejoicing mode. Some of our homes still stand a witness to our new year partying & merrymaking in case we have not gone out to welcome 2019 with our gang of friends & family. In this era of space crunch, where we had to give up the luxuries of staying in a spacious home, we often worry about inviting guests over for dinner & party if our living room is small. Let us not allow a small living room to play a spoilsport & make small changes to host a good party & win hearts!

The thumb rule we must follow while doing up our living room is never to make it look crammed up with a host of bulky furniture; instead, we should use the available space judiciously to maximize light & give it a cozy, comfortable look. The difference is brought about by prudent usage of color, lighting, scale & weight.

Place Mirrors To Give The Room A Fuller Look 

A common method which when placed strategically accompanied with ‘proper ‘source of light nearby, provides a larger look to the room, and reflects light thereby giving it a comfortable airy & spacious perception. A mirror placed diagonally opposite to the window can actually enhance the look of the room & create magic.

Do Up The Ceiling To Make It An Eye-Catcher

If you are fortunate enough to get a room with a high ceiling, use your prudence & do it up in such a way to give your entire room a larger & aesthetic look. Flowing drapes that hang from ceiling to floor does the job quite elegantly.

Neutral Colors For ‘Small’ Living Room

Neutral color or those with matt finish on ceiling, walls & furniture upholstery goes best with small rooms as they expand the eye space & the room is perceived to be larger than what it is in reality. Soft colors reflect light thus making the room look bigger & not cramped up. Neutral & matt finish colors have a soothing effect on the environment & give an overall plush look.

Bulky Furniture Is A Strict NO

Selecting furniture for a small room is to be done with extra caution. Color, design & size play a significant role in rendering the desired look to your room. Pale color, transparent looking furniture is better for a small room than dark-colored & boxed furniture.

Use Furniture With More Storage Space

This will enable you to reduce the usage of free available space with small stuff & make the room look cleaner & bigger. Storage space reduces the clutter and helps you find out things pretty easily. For example, hidden storage space like a trunk or storage ottoman as a coffee table fits the bill perfectly.

Add Plants To Add To The Room Decor

Quite similar to mirrors & wallpapers, plants add to the depth of a room making it look bigger than its original size. Plants have a visible cooling effect as well & certain plants can provide more oxygen & fresh air to the room thus bringing in positive energy. If maintenance isn’t a problem, floral plants with good fragrance can be put to fill the room with ‘soothing’ fresh perfumed smell.

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