5 Outdoor Design Ideas For Your Home

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Home is a special place that offers more than comfort dimensions to live and spend a life. We find solace and value there and nurture relations and family. This is the reason that we never forget such a place throughout life. Such generic affinities inspire us always & we keep beautifying our living space through constant efforts. Desire, enthusiasm, initiative, architecture and technology and many more ingredients go interwoven and allow us to make the novelties and concepts of great value towards home beautification. Exteriors, façade and outdoors have also found diverse interventions throughout history, and some essential ideas of value have remained in high demand. Home hobbyists and architects have used these concepts to improve and optimise the exteriors and outdoors. Sovereign Architects have relied on these five outdoor concepts in their designs. Have a look and select those which match your likes and fancies!

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are among the most demanded icons as far as outdoor’ value addition is concerned. Most high-class clients want a private swimming pool in the backyard or the front to soak up any time and get rejuvenated. Swimming pools are also held as symbols of worth when the value of the property is estimated. Luxurious villas and bungalows are designed with a mid-size to grander swimming pools. These days dedicated décor and lighting concepts are also available for making the pools look sparkling and appealing. Exclusive underwater lighting consoles as also speciality flooring for the pools generate finest worth quotients; while the automated cleaning and filtering machines are also there in the market.

Green Landscaping

Garden or green landscaping is one of the best ways to utilize the outdoor space. The hobbyists remain engaged and pool their imaginations to make out adorable themes in their gardens. However, professional landscapists are adept in the best practices and also have a great deal of experience in nurturing the green spaces. Leading architects in Pune, India offer combined landscaping services also as part of their designing.

Water Fountain or Water Fall

Add a water fountain at the mid place in the available outdoor space. You can choose from the modern ones or the Victorian types of yester ages as per your likes. These fountains add a majestic and lively look and feel to the entire outdoor. Architects in Pune offer specialised services towards the complete installation of the water pipelines and associated mechanisms for the fountain.

Private Pond

Establish a private pond if you own a land big enough like that of a farmhouse. A 15k to 20k sq. Feet pond would be just sufficient and would add significant worth to the entire outdoor. More novelty could be complemented by building a wooden house at the farther rim of the pond. You can enjoy your time at your pond house.

Thatched Place to Relax in the Evening

Put up an open thatched space in the middle of your garden. Augment this space with an outdoor kitchen where you can brew your evening coffee or enjoy your tea! Architectural firms in Pune have used this concept to add fine value for their clients who have liked it much!

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