5 Tricks Which Make Your Home Look Expensive

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Making a beautiful home that speaks through creativity and worth is a dream cherished by all. However, merely spending money on icons and materials does not fetch the desirable results; &there has to be a definite amalgam of things and concepts so as to achieve the best value. The professionals in the construction and designing sectors like the architects, engineers, interior designers and landscapists pool their knowledge and experience when they plan for their client in a customized manner. They are catering to the emergent trends and demands which among other things also include the ‘plush’ or the rich feel that clients explain as adorable! However as stated above, any adorable living place is not a show of wealth alone but some niche components of interior can really make the great difference! Leading interior designer in Pune offers some tricks and concepts that can make any living place look expensive and plush. Read them below and choose yours to make your home gain the high worth!

Life size windows and velvet curtains

Life size windows add grandeur and elegance to the interiors and the dwellers feel like the king. The generic value derived through this architectural intervention pertains to the lot of bright light at the day time. This light gets reflected internally to add a fine glare and openness in the room. The life size windows need to be paned with clear transparent glass so as to allow the maximum light to come into the living place. These windows can be beautifully complemented with the plush velvet curtains in darker hues like the purple or crimson or cherry red and the entire place would emerge as kingly and rich! Architect and interior designer in Pune have been including this concept as a norm in their plans.

Lighting panels in the ceiling and cornices

Exotic &colorful patterns could be developed in home through modern lighting consoles like the LED types. You can choose from among the bright white light or the golden ones; colorful types can be also used as per individual fancies. These lighting systems can be mounted in the ceiling and cornices for the best patterns.

Authentic hand crafted Persian rugs

Decorate the floors as also walls with the authentic Persian rugs and carpets that are hand crafted. These rugs carry exceptional value and thus add significant worth to the space.

Rich and dark shades in the interiors

Color up your walls with the darker shades so that the place adores a rich and expensive look. Architect and interior designer in Punerecommend the satin and velvet touch emulsions for the living rooms and bedrooms.


Hang up a grand chandelier from the ceiling of the living room and generate the high worth through the fine glary lighting.

Indoor water screens

Establish vertical water screens or water roofs with plain glass panels in your house. These mechanisms are run by the water motors and deliver a fine appeal to the space. Interior designer in Pune are using this concept to beautify and add value to the interiors.

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