Make Your Front Yard Look Better By These 7 Landscaping Tricks

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Landscaping is an art that is practised by the enthusiasts who are busy doing the manipulations in their turfs to make out fine patterns that appeal to the beholder almost as paradise. Such interventions are not easy and a definite vision cum initiative is required to make out the distinguished landscapes that speak through adorable beauty and charming aesthetic value. While hobbyists could be busy in their yards for life, landscaping has also developed as a profession. Landscape architects in Pune are serving their clients through concepts of novelty. They are utilizing a spectrum of exotic flora to make the landscape beautiful and amazing.

Landscaping ideas essentially involve flora interventions and it thus becomes imperative that the choice and location of the specific trees/plants is done correctly so that these complement well the existing structure of the house and rest of surrounding. The professional landscaping architects in Pune offer some useful tricks and suggestions to make the front yard beautiful. Look out for these tips and find which can be matching with your space and fancies.

  1. Establish a local canal system

Design a canal system in your land which would be sort of closed channel type. This canal can be made as 3 – 5 meters wide and would cover up the land including the front yard as a loop. This idea is specially suited for the landscaping of a farmhouse that is located in the countryside or the outskirts. The beauty of the canal would be optimized by developing the front of it throughout and adding the exotic fish species like goldfish and colored carps.

  1. A tropical fruit tree in one side of your façade

Plant a tropical fruit tree like ‘sinduri’ mango that bears red delicious fruit in summers. Plan out this tree at one side of your façade so that it will grow up to 10 – 15 meters in few years and you could enjoy the lush green shade in the 2nd and 3rd floors also. You can also choose litchee or some other species. Landscape architects in Pune have beautifully banked upon this flora concept for their clients.

  1. The bridge

You can request the architect/engineer to make out a bridge connecting the main building with the subsidiary structure. This bridge would run at the level of second floor and can be used to have a scenic view from the height. Low height concrete trellis would complement it in a worthy manner.

  1. Boat house on your private pond

Make out a private pond and build a wood house on its periphery. This could be done in the farthest part of your front yard. You could enjoy the place as your boat house if you design the wood house like a boat!

  1. Waterfall and terrace system

Architects in Pune have built marvelous waterfall and terrace systems as icons of show in the front yards. You can also add this type of mechanism.

  1. Pebbled pathway

Make out a pebbled passage through your front yard. Choose grey pebbles or go for the colorful combination of green, crimson and yellow!

  1. The dense woods

This is a concept in it and involves allowing a good part of the land to develop on its own. This region would comprise dense plantation of tropical species like shisham, tamarind and such others and the ground would be covered with wild grasses. A passage follows through the landscape.

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