Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen is among the most essential places in a house because it is here that the food for the family members is cooked and thus health and good living is ensured for all. Broadly, it represents the prosperity and happiness of any home. The last decade saw more emphasis on planning of the kitchen, and grand kitchens are now being developed with lots of functional consideration to generate ease and efficiency. In the Indian context, kitchen planning has found specific importance like through the concepts of Vaastu Shastra or the knowledge of house planning and architecture; Vaastu recommends kitchen in the south-east corner of the ‘agnay Kona’ of the house plan. However, modern architects have offered a sort of creativity dimension while designing the kitchen space. Leading interior designer in Pune and other cities of India are now making exotic kitchen concepts that are marked by grandeur, finesse and high functionality as also safety. Here are the best design ideas for Indian kitchen as offered from the desks of experts.

1. A grand kitchen space with huge plain glass windows

These days grand kitchens are much in demand and the times when kitchen used to be a crunched space are gone. People consider the thought of bigger kitchen where more of the appliances like oven, refrigerator and multiple stove top could be housed properly. Architects in Pune are now designing spacious kitchens with huge size vertical windows in plain glass. Most of the times the window panels are painted white or with some other soft color. This allows maximum daylight to come in and this makes kitchen graceful and adorable.

2. Open kitchen concept

Open kitchen are also popular these days and Indians are liking this concept much! These kitchens are designed as part of the living area where a back portion is converted into kitchen together with a stovetop. Refrigerator is also placed there. There is no partition of any type which separates the kitchen from the living space.

3. Wooden flooring kitchen with modular storage racks

 If you want to give a new modern look and feel to your kitchen then go for the wooden flooring option. Composite wooden floor tiles are available in exotic patterns that mimic the original woods like deodar, shisham, teak and other temperate species. You can choose the texture and color as per your fancy and couple up this concept with modular storage racks to get a fine new look.

4. The triangle concept to design your kitchen

Triangular location of refrigerator, stovetop and sink is considered the best. There should not be much distance between any two nodes and the passage should not be crunched. This generates fine functionality in kitchen space.

5. A kitchen that opens into your backyard and garden

Architects in Pune have made for their clients backyard kitchens which open into the garden or green turfs. So you have the option to enjoy your meal either indoor or in the garden beneath the tree.

6. Design and decorate your kitchen with exotic palms and vines

Place some palms or lush green vine plants in your kitchen to give it a lovely and natural feel. You would love to spend time in your kitchen for sure.

7. A central granite table for placing food stuff

A granite or marble table top in the center of kitchen is a good functional concept as it allows placing and using various products like vegetables and utensils in a convenient manner.

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