Decor your home with easy Feng shui tips

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The architecture was developed in most civilizations as an amalgam of art and science. While the artistic attributes could be seen by all as the marvels, the science hidden in them is beyond the understanding of most of the common people. Despite remaining latent in the plan and construction of buildings, scientific principles have been the great and fundamental determinants. However, our science of architecture is somewhat different from that of yester times. We make use of the brute and naked science that boasts of precise calculations and dimensional measurements; theirs was more of the metaphysics like vaastu of India and feng shui of China.

While such metaphysical sciences could not be fully explored by the modern researchers, people still have faith in them and they try grabbing products and icons based on them for the purpose of decorating their homes. Leading interior designer in Pune has been using feng shui techniques and products to decorate the ambiences with the objective of better prosperity, health and overall goodness. While reasons still remain unearthed, the use has continued. Look out for these popular concepts of feng shui to decorate your home.

1. A painted front door

According to feng shui philosophy, the color of the front door is a very important determinant of the flow of energy in your home. Feng shui recommends painting the door with different colors on the basis of the direction of the door. Thus if the door is in south direction then it should be painted in orange and red hues and if the door is north facing then blues and black would be good. Gray and white colors are recommended if the door is west facing while east facing requires brown or green tones. Feng shui also recommends regular cleaning of the doors and repainting them so as to allow the best of feng shui energy to come in the house.

2. Fresh flowers in the home

Flowers are considered auspicious in feng shui philosophy! Feng shui recommends keeping fresh flowers in the home. Flowers decoration in the home is considered a sign of good fortune which will help bring in prosperity, health, and happiness for the dwellers; however, it is said that thorny flowers or stems should not be placed inside the house as these accumulate the negative energies which are detrimental. Architects Pune firms have found demand for ensuring dedicated flowers places in the ambience like at the windows, while interior designers are actively using them in different forms.

3. Horseshoe

Horseshoes are considered special in many cultures of the world including Indian. Feng shui also actively recommends putting horseshoe at the main door so as to attract good fortune. However, some believe that an inverted horseshoe is not auspicious because this signifies the good fortune flowing out rather than being retained in favor of the dwellers.

4. Dream catcher hung above your bed

Hang a dream catcher showpiece above your bed. According to feng shui philsophy, this helps eliminate the bad energies and hence bad dreams during sleep.

5. Furniture arrangement

Feng shui concepts ask for arranging the furniture in a circular format for better flow of positive energy in the space. Architects Pune firms specializing in feng shui recommend placing the bed diagonally from the bedroom door.

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