Beautify your home with these budget friendly interior decor ideas!

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Home is a special place because it offers the solace that is simply unmatched even with the plushest and comforted ambiences of the world. Therefore we all love to rush to our home after completing our tasks and duties. An important corollary of the significance of home is also that almost all of us are inspired by the home decorating ideas and initiatives so that more beauty could be augmented and life becomes pleasant! Towards this objective, we find hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world busy at weekends doing the maneuvers and interventions to improve the value of their living place. Others who are not hobbyists turn to the interior decorators to get their home ambiences studded with icons and concepts of beauty. However, the cost is always a determining factor for many and most people like to look out for the economic and budget friendly concepts of home decor. A leading interior designer in Pune offers tips on the cost effective and simple interventions towards home decoration. Look out for these below –

1. Aquarium is a fine addition

Add an aquarium to your interior and you will find living beauty in your space. Aquariums have become quite popular and are not so expensive unless you choose to put in some very expensive species in it. It is recommended that you go for the mid size (about 2 inches) goldfish variety in the orange/golden types and of course, do not forget to put in a pair of red top goldfish. A pair of angel fish would beautifully complement while colored carps are equally good! These are economical species and would cost between Indian Rupees 200 – 300 per pair. You can have a 2X1X1 (feet) aquarium and this dimension would fit well even in the space crunched interiors. Famous interior designer in Pune has reported high demand for the aquariums by the clients.

2. Palms could add natural beauty to your ambiance

Indoor palms are exotic lush foliage species that are in high demand for the purpose of interior decoration in homes as also in offices. Instead of buying fully grown plants and spending more money, you can grow your own. While these are slow growing plants, you will love to watch them grow leaf by leaf! An inspiration and excitement build as every new leaf come out and opens!

3. Life size windows with velvet curtains

If you are making a new house or a new room, then try including in the plan, life size windows. Put up clear glass panes and hang down velvet curtains in darker hues. Such an architectural arrangement will add fine décor element. Architects in Pune and other cities of India are actively using this concept in their plans!

4. Electrical lighting

Put up some glam lighting panels like LED types in your living spaces. You can choose the tones as per your likes and fancies as many different colors are available.

5. An aromatic waterfall

Put up an aromatic waterfall inside your bedroom. This could be accomplished as a DIY weekend project by putting up some rough sandstone or granite slabs as a terrace and then developing a closed channel water supply propelled by a portable pump. Put up some scent in the water chamber of the waterfall and add a submersible water heater into it. As you increase the water temperature, you will find the aroma filling your space.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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