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Decorating our living space is one of the most fundamental and oldest fancies of humans which we still practice in ever resurgent forms. In fact, we humans excelled in decorating our homes and places so that life quality could be made better and this also differentiates us from other life forms on this planet. However, in the modern age, living space crunch has emerged as a major deterrent and it affects our amenities as also our noted fancy to decorate it beautifully. Most people living in multi storied building flats are inspired by the idea of making such interventions which make their living place to appear bigger and spacious, and this, of course, is a challenge! A leading Interior designer in Pune has offered tips and counsels on how to make the living place grand and spacious through simple and easy concepts.

Look out for these below –

1. Life size windows

Life size windows have become the leading trend of the modern age. The famous architects in Pune have been relying on this concept while designing the hotel rooms and also flats in the high rise buildings. They opine that this concept brilliantly offers the feel of a larger space because more of the light is allowed to come in the room. It is recommended that these windows have clear sun reflective glass panes and have velvety curtains.

2.  Lighter hues and shades for the walls

This is the fundamental principle since the oldest times! Light color paints are considered the best for the walls if ‘spacious’ feeling is to be developed. This happens because the light reflective capacity of the lighter hues is much more than the deeper ones. The light entering the room keeps reflecting from one to other wall and better would be the space feel for the dwellers.

3.  Ceiling to be white always!

Architect and interior designer in Pune recommends avoiding the concept of painting the ceiling with color other than white; especially if you are looking to generate a spacious concept in your living place. The white ceiling brightly reflects the sunlight and the artificial light also at night and thus creates a feeling of more spacious interiors.

4.  You can choose light color furniture and electronics

Choose to populate your living place with light colored furniture! You can choose from the metal furniture which is painted in white or some other lighter shade to suit your fancies and likes; or you can go for the authentic wooden furniture which is made in specialty wood like deodar which comes in characteristic light texture and offers very appealing natural patterns on it.

5. Glass table tops and mirror decorations in the room

Noted architect and interior designer in Pune recommends adding glass top variety of center table and corner tables. You can choose from the metal or preferably the steel frame table that is topped with thick glass. This will create a feeling of more space in your living area and will also add a trendy feel to your ambience. You can also add decorative and artistic mirrors in your living place.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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