Improve Appearance of your kitchen through these easy decorating tips

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Decorating the living area and bedroom is on the mind of everyone but most of us neglect the kitchen which is a really important place as here the food is cooked that ensures the good health and happiness of dwellers. The last few years have seen interior décor specialists focusing on kitchen also and they have up come up with decent and easy concepts that can make any kitchen to adore a lively outlook and feel. Such décor of the kitchen could be a fine gift to the cook which in most cases happen to be mother or wife! Kitchen decoration requires different ideas and most are developed from the basic functions that any kitchen performs in the home. Leading interior designer in Pune offers the following kitchen décor concepts and themes to make your kitchen beautiful. Look out for these –

1. Display your collections in a neat showcase

Showcasing your finest collections of dining sets or the crockery is a fine idea to iconize your kitchen and also add worth to it. Get a neat wooden showcase set up in your kitchen ambience and ask for lighting function so that it resembles like a charm in your kitchen with utensils placed in it as a pattern. However, take care to not to place your silverware if your kitchen is not completely secure against burglaries.

2. A center table with fresh fruits and vegetables on it

Add a center table of height equal to that of dining table and place your fresh fruits and vegetables on it. You can also add a fresh flowers collection to it to develop a vibrant splash of colors. This will not only generate functionality in your kitchen but will also add lively warmth in the space. Placing your fruits in an artistic brass bowl or a straw basket would be just fine! You will find inspiration within to add more fresh fruits and veggies of the season to look it more adorable and full, says the interior designer in Pune.

3. Put up a table for two in a corner of the kitchen

Arrange a mini dining concept in your kitchen by placing a table for two in a silent corner there. This would be a good concept addition if two of you live as a young couple alone. You both can enjoy the delicacies fresh and hot in the kitchen itself.

4. Place potted bamboos and palms in your kitchen

This could be easy yet fine idea! Buy some potted indoor bamboo and palm plants and place them clustered in the corners. This will add a live feel through the lush green foliage. You can also develop a bonsai of any twining shrub like the trumpet vine or bougainvillea.

5. Improve the light through lighter hues or shades of whites

Leading architect and interior designer in Pune recommends that you paint your kitchen white or in sober pastel shades this time. This will improve the lighting through natural reflections. Your kitchen will look more elegant and attractive.

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