Find the unique and exotic dining room decor ideas for 2017

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The dining place is important in the entire house because it is at this place where all the family members meet and live the happy moments while enjoying the tasty and healthy foods. Most people, therefore, like to beautify this place in a special manner so as to augment the fervor and make the ambience livelier. Some enthusiasts place their TV set there to enjoy their favorite programs while eating while some adopt different ideas. From the perspective of enthusiasts who like to live the zeal always by creating a difference through their thoughts and efforts, dining room could be decorated with innumerable decent and novel concepts. Here are the best and exotic dining room decor ideas for 2017, as offered by a leading interior designer in Pune.

How about choosing a partial open space like with balcony!

Select a partially open space of your house to be developed as the place for dining. There could a wide gated balcony in the front or a big window from which you will get the view of your garden. If you have patience then train a fruit tree like that of mango or pomegranate that will reach to the first floor balcony of your dining room. You can also give try to camphis radicans vine (the trumpet creeper) that produces brilliant blooms during summers and also attracts the hummers. This would be a concept that you will enjoy every time you dine there with your family members.

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Add some exotic palms and indoor vines or twining shrubs

This is one of the easiest and fast methods of decorating your dining room. Find some good quality indoor potted palms and cluster them in the corners of your dining room to create fine lush green foliage. Large leaved money plant vines or the twining herbs like bougainvilleas could be equally good too!

dining room decor ideas

All transparent glass panels towards the garden side

Put up a clear transparent glass panel in one part of the dining room. This will develop an elegant look and feel and you can enjoy the winter heat while dining with your family members. Such a concept is also marked by exceptional solace so it is good for the older people. Architect and interior designer in Pune and other cities are actively using this concept!

A pair of Siberian parrots in their rustic enclosure in your dining room

A nature lover’s paradise, this concept is really unique and engaging! Arrange a big rustic enclosure in one part of your dining room and let a pair of Siberian parrots to live their life in it. Now enjoy your food while watching these little creatures that may learn with time to talk with you! A leading interior designer in Pune worked this concept for many customers who felt jubilant!

A fish pot on your dining table

One of the simplest ways to decorate your dining table is to put a round fish pot in the centre. Place a pair of goldfishes in it and enjoy your fooding.

A water screen decoration system in the dining hall

Ask your interior designer to put up a water screen mechanism concept in your dining room. It will create a lively and cool feeling as you dine.

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