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The passion for decorating one’s home rests in everyone and in some it bounces strongly! The latter species, we call them the home décor enthusiasts and some of them do find their way in the professional corridors of interior designing and architecture. These individuals keep experimenting and thus they innovate different concepts of value and appeal to their customers. And we should not forget those who do not hold the professional degrees but nevertheless, they remain busy in their own boundaries to implement their ideas as novelties. The trends are derived from the efforts of both of these species. One such interior designer in Pune has been offering fine interventions for his customers and his techniques and concepts have many a time emerged as the best home decor trends. He presents some of the best home trends of age so that you could also add beauty and value to your place.
Find out these –

The acceptance of greens

Green has found new acceptance in the modern society; courtesy to the renewed emphasis on nature and environment. However, the demand for green is more due to the fact that this color, as has been scientifically proven, offers to soothe the eyes and mind, especially if you are stressed. Therefore modern city dwellers are now looking eagerly for the green upholstery, curtains, covers, rugs and all.

Brightly lit yet closed spaces of living

Leading architects in Pune and other cities of the world are now using the concept of brightly lit spaces in their plans. The reason for the popularity of this concept is that it offers a lively feel and a spacious look too; therefore space crunched apartments in the condos are being designed with the life size transparent glass windows.

Chic and elegant is in demand!

Home décor has become chic and somewhat geometrical. This marks the change from the royal outlook that was attempted like through the intricately carved furniture products, the ceiling decors and more elegant and lofty doors or entrances. Today, people prefer the simple yet elegant designs and therefore everything has undergone a change.

From sober to the vibrant hues

Earlier people used to ask for the sober shades for the interior walls but now they are demanding the vibrant and color rich hues. While this marks the appeal for gaudiness, it also shows that people are now living more open and less conservative lives, especially the cosmopolitan city dwellers.

The natural décor concepts

Natural decoration concepts have found much demand. These include the use of indoor plants like palms, vines and especially the expensive bonsai. Apart from these, we find wall decoration through the bamboo crafts and other handmade products. Aquariums have also become popular.

Lively water interventions as novelties

Famous interior designer in Pune has implemented many novel water ideas like in the running form so as to add a life appeal to space. These concepts are mostly driven by the motorized pump mechanisms that allow for water circulation. Some of the popular ideas include the water screens and water tops like in conservatories and sun houses, the waterfall systems and the closed channel canal system in macro size landscaping.

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