How to Choose Furniture for Bedroom, Kitchen

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Are you eagerly looking forward to setting up your new home but finding yourself clueless about how to choose furniture for your home? You would even be thinking about how some people manage everything so effortlessly when it comes to buying furniture and setting up their homes. But the truth is a certain amount of confusion as well as overthinking and under bargaining does happen to everyone.

We at Sovereign Architect correctly understand the mental turmoil every home buyer goes through while setting up their new home. The Psychology behind colors of the curtain and walls or the type of bed to choose as well as the shape of the dining table is some of the questions that would be plaguing you. There is no need to break your head for all these things as we are there to help people like you who are first-time homemakers, furniture buyers.

The topmost priority or road map for any first-time homemaker while designing a small living room decor or even for a bigger house is to list out and select the following furniture for you living, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms.


Sofas come in varied sizes, colors, prices, styles, and fabrics. As you would have it in the living room, it is the most important piece of upholstery hence try to buy the best one which you can afford. If you opt for loose backed cushions, it will give a casual feeling while a sofa with tight back needs less of maintenance. Give importance to the length, arm shape, and skirt.


We spend a major part of hours in a day in bed; hence, we must choose our bed wisely. A well constructed, sturdy, and comfortable couch will give a good night’s sleep. Try to opt for the best quality bed that you can afford to buy as chances that you would own the foundation for many years to come. At the same time, it is not always true that the most expensive bed would be best. In case you cannot afford the best mattress, wait and go for an air bed till you can provide the best bed and use the air bed in the guest room after you buy a good foundation for yourself. Always keep in mind to choose the proper size, surface, and firmness while purchasing a bed.


Nothing can beat a wardrobe, especially if you need to arrange your clothes, ties, shoes, socks, linen and other things. One can go either for a ready-made one or get it made. You can even choose from a simple wardrobe to a walk-in one. One of the most versatile pieces of furniture, wardrobe, when placed in a room adds to the room’s beauty.

Dining Table and Chairs

Dining table and chairs add to the color and beauty of the dining area. Always make sure that the dining table and chairs you choose are comfortable enough to sit. It is possible to quickly shift chairs with an armrest to the living room for extra seating when guests arrive. Wooden chairs are no doubt cheap, but upholstered chairs are not only comfortable but also look elegant.

In the same way, one can opt for side tables and nesting tables. Even the choice of lighting and lampshades requires careful planning from your end. Also, pay equal attention if not more, while designing the kitchen cabinet and shelves, including bathroom mirrors. All these little details while designing the furniture of your house would go a long way in giving the luxurious and elegant look that you have always longed for.

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