How to Incorporate Gold Color into Your Home Decoration?

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To incorporate any color in your home decoration it is better to know the color’s psychology. With this comes the question that what is the color psychology behind interior colors? The answer to this is that colors can create moods and feelings so they should be wisely used in the interiors to create the right atmosphere. The color gold, for example, is associated with luxury, success, prestige, triumph, materialistic wealth and affluence.

Using the color gold in your decoration can be really tricky. When used wisely in right proportion, tone, and shade it can give an elegant, glamorous and chic look to your home. On the other hand, the overuse of gold can give a tacky and bizarre look too. So, given below are some tips to help you incorporate the gold color in your home decor in the right way.

1. Gold Focal Point

Gold is an expression of sun’s energy and brings life and light as per fengshui. So, a focal point in gold in the form of a big sculpture or a vase especially in your entryway will add warmth and cheerfulness to your home.

2. Elegant gold Upholstery

Gold in different shades used even in hints throughout your home can give a very rich look. It can be used in cushions, linens, slipcovers, drapery and even carpets. It is important to balance the tones well to avoid that tacky look. You can experiment with different textures in gold too.

3. Golden Accessories and Accents

Golden accessories like golden decorative candles, candle holders, vases, tabletop runners, golden centerpieces, decorative balls and flowers all can add glitz to your home. Accents like using golden frames for your pictures, baskets with a golden tint, golden abstract decorative pieces and even a room divider in gold color can add glamour to your space.

4. Walls in gold

A wall covered in gold paint or wallpaper in stripes or different patterns look quite trendy. Even tiles are available in a gold color to give you the same effect. Using golden wall decor pieces on walls with neutral color can give a very sophisticated look too. The gold color on a wall can be used in any room.

5. Gold Lightning

An elegant glass chandelier with only a touch of gold can look very classy. Pendant lights, standing lamps in gold, lampshades with golden lining or gold base and golden lanterns of different sizes all these can add sparkle to your decoration.

6. Gold Furniture

Furniture in gold finishes whether it is for the living room, dining room or bedroom can give you that royal look. From chairs, table, bookshelves to bed with golden headboards there are lots of options to choose from.

7. Golden trims, ceiling, and pillars

Using gold on trims, pillars and ceiling will really open up the space. Now plastic and foam columns of different sizes are available which can be spray painted in gold color and can be fitted in any corner or edge of your home. It will give a very upscale look to your house.

These tips will definitely help you in making your home look opulent. With the incorporation of gold color in the right proportion, you can achieve that sophisticated look you always wanted for your home.

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