Indian Interior Design (Traditional)

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Interior décor is a heartfelt fancy for most of the enthusiastic souls who like to visualize and make the difference towards beauty and finesse and functionality too. The overall idea of interior decoration is oriented towards adding worth and generating the resonance that breeds the goodness and an appeal for the place. Today, we find the professional interior decorators that are loaded with lots of ideas, knowledge, and techniques of relevance.

Apart from different components that they adhere to and which offer to influence the interior décor theme, culture is also one! Cultural attributes have been the major determinants of the decoration patterns and concepts in any region. For example, in Indian homes, you will find these 8 key things that are traced to traditions and customs. You can also choose to decorate your home with an Indian touch through these components. Have a look.

A vibrant display of colours

Indians have always loved the vibrant splash of colours whether you talk of garments or the interiors. We all like to enjoy the colourful patterns while choosing the upholstery, linen and other components of interior décor. You can also bank upon the new and traditional products that come in blooming colours.

Elegant wood furniture

Indian interiors are considered incomplete in the absence of solid wooden furniture like elegant sofas, divans & beds. These are considered as the most additions, and therefore you should never miss on these. You can choose from among the rich deodar or teak or go for dark textured Sheesham too.

Decor cabinets

Cabinets are added to the interiors as side items, and these add fine functionality like display of the artistic products or storage. Décor cabinets are generally available in the market in wood with intricate carving patterns or as chic style finesse types. To decorate your home with an Indian touch you can choose one as per your fancy & add grandeur to your space.

Informal spaces for living and spend time

You can choose to develop a corner or segment of your room for a seating arrangement for two while keeping the entire concept low profile. You can go for the low lying comfort chairs or the soft rugs and make out a cozy space where a couple can enjoy tea or have quality time talking to each other.


Knick-knacks could be very customized and fancied, depending on the likes of yours! You must have developed an appeal for some specific objects or products that you can add to generate a unique flavour to your interiors.

Handspun carpets and rugs

Handmade carpets and rugs are still trendy in Indian culture, and people prefer them! Hence to decorate your home with an Indian touch, you can buy a few like for the floors and walls too!

Traditional motifs and patterns

Choose an intricately crafted motif with beautiful designs and colours. This could be a genre item for decorating the walls.

Statues, paintings, and portraits

Various pockets in India are engaged in making beautiful artefacts in metal, wood and other products. You can choose a brass or bronze statue to decorate your interiors. Portrait painting is also a good option!

Select the fancied options from the above-listed ones and give your interiors an Indian touch!

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