Choose From These Top 5 Interior Design Trends Of 2017 For Fall Season!

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Leading interior designer in Pune is finding brisk demand for the fall makeovers of homes. People here in India are gearing for the chilly cold conditions that will stay for no less than two months. But before that frozen period, there is a lovely fall here that is marked by much cherished pink cool weather. It is a time to enjoy the time after a long spell of hot and humid conditions that were the result of high temperatures and monsoons. People now seek to make their homes more cozy towards the winters and they are looking for the resonant concepts that are of course difficult to identify. However, fall interior design trends are not a non-existent space today and we find the lovely and genre components that could be embedded in interiors. Here are the top five interior design trends 2017to choose from for this fall that has already set in! Have a look –

1. Velvets import the warmth!

Velvets have been the age old choices that are known for the luxury feel and warmth. You can bring in some velvet concepts this fall in the run up to the winters that are close. Velvet fabric can be used for the curtains and upholstery to add a cozy feel at your place. Crimson velvets are the best choice for this while deep purples and mahogany are also fine choices. Banking upon velvets could be an easy option because it requires moderate investment only to make the changeover!

2. Woven furnishings :

Bring in some woven concepts in the form of rugs and carpets like for floors and wall décor. Plush woven furnishing products are available that could be used for bedroom and living areas. Soft tufted synthetic fibers are used while the color choices are derived from the traditional designs and concepts. These definitely add a comfort feel to the interiors and the dweller feels the warmth. The cost of this makeover option is also less as compared to other choices.

3. Faux furs and coats :

Imitation furs and coats are available in market in plentitudes; courtesy to the tech innovations that make possible developing nature identical products. These products not only add an exotic value to your interiors but these also fit well in the cold winter conditions by offering a warm feel that is really true and authentic.

4. Terracotta concepts like for floors :

Terracotta is one of the earliest choices for building and chiefly flooring. Since the oldest days, the civilizations in Asian region have relied on it as a fine choice. Lately, we found a renewed interest of interior designers in terracotta & they have started using it for kitchen flooring and courtyards. Terracotta has a distinct deep hue that resonates with the warming requirement during winters and hence it has found place in the interior design trends 2017.

5. Wooden interiors :

Invest in attempting a wooden interior makeover. You can choose deodar biddings or the fine teak or sheesham for the living space walls coverage. Choose from these interior design trends for fall and make your space cozy, comforted and warm!

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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