Interior Designer Tips For Layering Your Textures For A Comfortable Room

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If I were to ask almost anyone, what sort of room or house do they want, the usual response from everyone would be that they want a comfortable and a welcoming room. There are a lot of things that go into making a room comfortable like the amount of space available, the amount of natural light present in the room, etc. However, the job of a good interior designer in Pune is to ensure that even if some of these factors are missing or lacking, they somehow manage to make the room welcoming and comfortable. This is where they use the trick of layering and mixing textures.

Some of the most prominent tips that almost all architectural firms in Pune use these days for layering and using various textures in rooms, in order to give each room an individual personality, are as follows:

Mix Textures And Patterns Well

Both textures and patterns play an important role in the layering of a room. You cannot simply use different textures with no patterns, or simply mix different patterns, without adding any texture to the room, and expect the room to look pleasant and inviting. It is only when both textures and patterns are used together in a smart fashion, that the best interiors for a room can be achieved.

Textures Help In Playing With The Light In The Room

Different textures like matt, sheen, soft, velvet, reflective, etc., absorb light in different ways. Similarly, the way light bounces off these various textures is also different. Therefore, by using these different textures in different parts of the room, you actually create various effects with light in the room and give more depth to certain corners, and at the same time make the room appear more spacious and vibrant.

Refrain From Going Overboard

There are so many different textures and patterns that are available in the market, that sometimes choosing between them can be extremely confusing. It is very important for a good architect and interior designer in Pune to keep a balance of the textures and patterns used by him or her in the room so that these patterns do not become highly contrasting and visually stimulating, as this can be extremely disorientating and make staying in the room uncomfortable.

Go Soft On Fabrics

The fabric used in any room should be soft and inviting. Whether you have to choose linen for a bedroom, cushion covers for living room or rugs and carpets, always opt for soft fabrics.

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