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The millennial homebuyers prefer living environments that are customized to their specific needs. The building of such transitional or contemporary style homes requires coming together of builders, architects, and designers on a single platform. Only then would it be feasible to create the dream homes that the modern 21st-century consumer wants.

In case you belong to one of the constructions or design teams with an idea to build new locations in 2018 and are in search of a leading Architectural firm in Pune, then you can blindly approach sovereign architect one of the leading Architects in Pune for all your architectural needs.

As one of the leading Interior designers in Pune, we consider it our moral responsibility to list out the following trends that architects should not overlook at any cost especially while designing homes for the millennial in 2018 and thereafter as these emerging trends is definitely going to define the way we live, work and play for years to come.  

  • Technology friendly living spaces:

The home technology of the current era is better amalgamated than ever before. The millennial consumers prefer home features that are not only better connected but even simplify their lives by blending perfectly with all the rest of the items in the home.

Say, for instance, a single app that could control all the gadgets ranging from the washing machine, dishwashers, refrigerator to lights is highly preferred by millennial as it would make their everyday tasks smooth and efficient.

  • Open and flexible living spaces:

With everyday lifestyle undergoing a lot of changes, there has been increased demand from millennial for changing life spaces too. The once designated kitchens, bedroom and living room are replaced by demand for large customized multipurpose open spaces based on the needs of family. Not only that today’s generation expects even the other elements of kitchen such as cabinets, appliances and countertops to be in tandem with the rest of the home. Builders and architects can work together to design living spaces by offering flexibility in the living arrangements. This they can do by providing sliding doors, movable dividers and pocket doors thus ensuring a smooth transition from one room to another including indoors as well as outdoor spaces.

  • Eco-friendly living spaces:

While the last few decades saw the advent and increased use of eco-friendly materials green walls and bridges including green terraces, the current trend, and wave are to increase the usage of eco-friendliness to all walks of life including all industries. The credit for this goes to architecture for creating better and new trends. The year of 2018 is likely to see an increase in the popularity of Green roofs and Green Walls. Not only this, a greater number of buildings are expected to have more greenery inside as well as outside. Indoor parks are another big new concept that one can look forward along with microclimates in the coming years.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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