How does the Architectural Design Procedure Work?

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Once after deciding upon the Architect and interior designer to design your home, the next step would be to decide upon the Architectural Design Process or Procedure work. It simply means the things you can expect while working with an architect such as the steps involved in the construction of a new model or custom house or how the architects would operate right from the stage of initial consultation till the time of construction administration.

At Sovereign Architects, the leading architect and interior designer in Pune, we have made it our goal to explain to you in detail about our process of working right from the beginning as we strongly believe that this would help you to have an in depth understanding about our style of operation right from beginning till the completion of the project.

As one of the finest architectural firms in Pune with years of experience, we usually prefer to work with you at each and every stage of the design procedure as we feel that this is the tried and tested way to achieve smooth and hassle free completion of any project. This method adopted by us, one of the leading architects in Pune not only helps to keep the project on budget but also within the code limit. But this in no way implies that you cannot contact us to complete separately for one or different phases.

Upon completion of the initial consultation, a proposal for the services offered by us is drafted along with the break up fees for the same by giving you the option to either sign the contract deal or to negotiate the same to your level of satisfaction. Once the agreement is done, we initiate the below mentioned architectural design processes:

  • Presenting different design options:

In the first and foremost stage of architectural design process, we use the information gathered from you along with the information from field surveys carried out by us to generate nearly two or three design options for you to consider. This we do in the form of sketches to enable you to visualize the different ways in which your project can be undertaken.

Along with the above, we even attach the cost estimated for each of the same as it would help you in choosing the best design that meets both your aesthetic needs and budget. You can demand for any modifications that need to be undertaken by us to make the design of your choice. After finalizing the design choice, the next step is of design development involving refining of the design.

  • Development of Design:

In this stage, we take the design chosen by you and work on it by revising the design on the basis of your modification request. We even work upon the budget at this stage to provide accurate cost estimate right from the early design stage.

  • Construction documents /drawings:

At this stage, usually the final design of the drawing gets decided and we begin the process of preparation of drawings, notes and also technical specifications essential for construction, bidding and even permit application. Most people have this phase of creation of blue prints in their mind when they visualize the work of an architect.

The last phase of architectural design process involves the construction administration process where in we actually monitor the construction process to ensure conformance with the design intended, make site visits during construction and address any field issues as and when they arise.

Each and every step mentioned above and undertaken by us ensures smooth as well as satisfactory completion of your dream project called home into a reality.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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